When the Nile was up to the pyramids 160 years ago

More than 160 years ago, Haram Street was just a stream branching from the Nile, and also the encompassing areas were empty agricultural lands, and in 1869 Khedive Ismail ordered the paving of Al Haram Street in preparation for receiving the kings and heads of states of the earth to Egypt to attend the opening of the shipway, Especially since Empress Eugenie, Empress of France, had requested to travel to the pyramids.


In 1915, the canal of Haram Street was filled, and with the increase within the movement of cars, another road was established to the left of the tram instead of the canal, so as that the road is on the proper side for the cars coming from Giza and also the left side for the cars returning thereto, and within the center of the road the tram line, and with the passage of years The tram line has been aloof from the middle of the road and also the road becomes populated after the farmland disappeared.


As for the image, it had been taken within the year 1861 of the planet of the three pyramids when that canal was passing before of it, and it's now one in every of the pictures presented by New York Public Library.

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