Spent on the Moonscape 79 hours, 44 minutes and 41 second

"Egyptian Geographic" observed 12 astronauts story walked on the Moonscape

"This is just one small step for man; it is a big step for mankind".. Those words US Astronaut Neil Armstrong's described his first step on the Moonscape that was the reason he entered history, as the first man walking on it in 2:56 GMT, 21 July 1969.


After 49 years on those steps and controversial case raised about that trip, initiating disprove it down to a flag that flap in the space, but according to data published by NASA, that surface  never touched only by 12 astronaut, to spent 79 hours, 44 minutes and 41 second on it, strange that all of them couldn`t  only one.

"Neil Armstrong" was the first, who live for more than 4 decades in isolation, then decided to go up into space again after Apollo11 flight in 1970, escorted "Buzz Aldrin" astronaut the Apollo11   in his first flight, that`s what made him the second man who set foot Moonscape, after spent about 51 minutes, and 37 second together, once obtained some samples required returned to the spacecraft.

"Apollo12" flight arrived on November 19 of the same year, "Charles Pete Conrad" and "Alan Ben" astronaut's steps on its surface respectively, to spent there about 7 hours and 45 minutes, on 5 February 1971 Apollo14 spacecraft doors moved to landing "Alan Shepard" astronaut, to be the 5th who step on Moonscape, followed by "Edgar Mitchel" astronaut, to spent 9 hours and 21 minutes, until could collected all samples, "David Scott" was the 7th man who walked in it, escorted by "James Aizoin' to spent 18 hours and 33 minutes together.

"John Young" was the 9th man, who down on the Moonscape, it was under "Apollo16", his team was spent 3 fully days, from 21 to 23 April 1972, escorted by "Charles Duck"  in a mission to research about required samples, to spent 20 hours and 14 minutes together.

"Apollo17" flight was the most of spent time on the Moonscape, 3 days, 2 hours, and 59 minutes spend, "Eugene Andrew Sertan", which down from it, followed by "Harrison Shmitt", in 11 December 1972, still together 22 hours and 4 seconds, before leaved, Sertan patterned the initials letter of his daughter name on the one of stone`s Moon, "Apollo17" team back to earth in 19 December, after mission continued 12 days, no one back to Moon or Lunar orbit, since 1972.

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