10 Countries with the Richest Histories

Egypt tops the list of the richest countries in history

'Egypt has the richest history in the world'... A detailed report published on The Stockholm Index, according to data from the 2017 Best Countries rankings, which recently prepared a global survey in 80 countries and involved nearly 27,000 citizens, to determine the richest histories, respondents answered to the term "has a rich history", described the wealthiest countries in their cultures, traditions and history, bringing egypt to the top of the world's richest and most ancient world history.


The Stockholm Index, prepared by Megan Trimble, Digital News Editor for Civic at U.S. News, confirmed that a world with countless cultures and traditions that create a rich world view still sees that some nations that have been preserved in history and culture are the richest at all, so the questionnaire depends on a question Only one, what is the most rich country historically and culturally, and Respondents were given no further specifications of the term, so interpretation of "has a rich history" was left to survey respondents.

The study relied on me to identify the 10 countries with the richest cultural and historical offerings, By studying the presence of man-made monuments and other architectural works of importance, groups of buildings that have unique social or historical significance  and, more broadly, sites, including archaeological sites of historical or anthropological consequence. and the mix more intangible traditions such as folk art and religious observance. And we sought places that held universal values, as well as specific local ones.


As for why the participants chose Egypt as the most rich country?, the history of ancient Egypt its full of tales of the mighty kings and queens, the pyramids and temples in Tiba, as well as the rest of the civilizations Egyptian Coptic, Islamic and Early modern period.

The list of the ten richest historical and cultural included the most important countries of ancient and intermediate civilizations, in the second place came the state of Italy and its Roman civilization, the state of the Renaissance, then Greece with the Greek civilization, followed by China with its ancient empire and the Great Wall, and then Spain, with its civilization Gothic, which was associated with its Andalusian-Islamic civilization, then Russia, the Tsars Empire, India, the Civilization of Sindh and its clowns, France in the history of the Frank and Gaul tribes, the United Kingdom 'England', the cultures of the Anglo-Saxons, and finally in tenth place, The state of Turkey with its Ottoman civilization in the last 500 years.


The Stockholm Index has removed many countries with a long and long history, or they have had a kindly late ranking, at the head of those countries, Iraq and the civilization of their many countries, such as Sumerian, Acadian, Babylonian, Assyrian, and Iran with the civilization of Elam and the German civilization. The Persian, Medea, Achaemenid, Saluki and Sassanid empires, as well as none of the states where mayan, Inca and Aztec civilizations flourished, in Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

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