The IUCN's periodic red list

International report: humans threaten 25,000 species of animals and plants with extinction

"More than 25,000 species of animals and plants threatened with extinction", with this final phrase , the recent report of International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was calling for swift action to save those natural species from extinction.


The IUCN's periodic red list showed significant decline in those species including "Fraxinus Americana"  known as The White Ash or American Ash , The African Antelope, Madagascar's Grasshoppers, Christmas Island pipistrelle was a species of vesper bat found only on Christmas Island, Australia.There are about 25,000 of animals and plants within a red list of 87,000 endangered species  by humans.

Fraxinus Americana


According to the red list, the white ash trees came to the brink of collapse. Five out of six trees are now in danger and one step away from extinction,while the sixth and last species is already threatened today which threatens many organisms that feed on them as a major food  in North America like birds, squirrels, insects. It also supports kinds of important pollinators such as butterflies and moths.


"It was emerald ash borer"..that's how the red list explained why the white ash trees are endangered considering its arrival in North America as a reason and that tiny insect has already destroyed millions of trees throughout the United States and Canada.

The African Antelope


Africa is always at the top of the list of endangered species as the cases of illegal hunting exceeds the rates of any continent in the world and as a result five species of The African Antelope were added to the red list of which four were already assessed as critical cases which are significantly declining as a result of illegal hunting and habitat degradation.

"Deforestation for agriculture... Illegal hunting...Expansion of urban areas... Resources extraction and building new roads"... five main reasons developed by IUCN led to threat the Africa Antelopes with extinction including "Giant Eland"  which is the largest species of antelope, there are now only 14,000 antelope around the world. "The Mountain Reedbuck" has seen a 55-percent drop over just 15 years, placing it on the "endangered" list.

Madagascar Grasshoppers


The red list showed some endangered invertebrates including Madagascar's Grasshopper which is one of the most beautiful Grasshoppers in the world .It has become threatened with extinction, and forty percent out of 145 of Grasshoppers that settle Madagascar are threatened with extinction including 27 on the list of threatened severely , and seven are on the red list.

Christmas pipistrelle


Christmas pipistrelle was last seen in 2009,found only on Christmas Island, Australia. The species is now considered to be extinct for about eight years, even today the cause of the Christmas Island pipistrelle's decline is unknown. Several potential threats have been suggested: Either a mixture of invasive species leaked to the island,or an unknown disease has eliminated it.

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