It settles in the Pacific coast

The Inca .. The owner of moustaches.. Master of the birds

The Inca, or owner of the moustache,its scientific name is "Inca tern". One of the seabirds that settles in Pacific coast , extending from northern Peru to south-central of Chile.It is also the only member of the gull family of different shapes.


The Inca is characterized by its dark grey body and it's red long beak. Like other various seabirds, its diet depends on small fish and some crustacea. The distinctive white moustache is most striking to visitors which grew under its red beak in a way made it looks like the master of the birds , that's why people call it owner of the moustaches.

The Inca is relatively large compared to other seabirds, each bird of this kind is 43, 40 centimeters tall, and it weighs about 180:210 pounds which makes him the largest seabird.

Any male bird may be different from its female in many different ways, from the tweet to the shape but it's not the same for the inca as their females and males are almost alike,only experts and biologists can distinguish between them as both sexes almost have the same size in terms of height and weight, It's the inca's rare feature  to be more remarkable than the other verious birds.

The nests in which the inca lives are different.Unlike most birds, it doesn't live in trees or build a nest of straw,It's more like rodents,so it lives in burrows or rocks cavities. Bird and animal watchers and experts who study it's life  have written about its natural environments and that The inca sometimes burgles the home of the penguins in its environment and settles it.

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