written by: Tahani Abdelsalam, Translated by: R kamel 28 Sep

Brown booby: the fish thieves that inhabited the sea islands

As is that the habit of seabirds, he was described as foolish, but it looked as if it would be more foolish than jealousy, so he adhered to the name of the outline, until he was known among Egyptian wildlife scientists because the fool of the bird, as he perceived to them to be the foremost stupid

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Written by: Mostapha Abdel Salam, Translated By : R Kamel 26 Sep

Rich Café: The meeting of intellectuals and a witness to the history

Sometimes we feel nostalgic for the past once we move far from it within the rush of life, and therefore the smell of the place always reminds us of the numerous generations of great those that visited this place and have become a part of it, but a part of the history of contemporary and

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Reported by :Egyptian Geographic, Translated by : R kamel 20 Sep

Egyptian scientist: "human hackers" are taking advantage of implanted medical devices to regulate humans

Can some control the soma as bridal players do with "marionettes"? Can we hear at some point that there are "hackers" who managed to penetrate the human body? Can we see bone forces which will control humans in search of About control? " These questions are not any

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Reported by :Egyptian Geographic, Translated by : R kamel 15 Sep

Morgan Freeman: searches for God within the civilization of the Nile Valley

In October of the year 2015, international actor "Morgan Freeman" visited Egypt on a business trip that lasted 5 days, so as to shoot a motion picture called The Story Of God, which is produced by the American "National Geographic" documentary channel. The picture of

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Written by: Tahani Abdelsalam, Translated by " R kamel 12 Sep

egyptian lynx: the grandson of tigers and the foremost ferocious cat within the world

An aggressive, isolating animal that likes to control, known for its strength despite its small size, it belongs to a warrior tribe, and was described because the fiercest cat within the world, and a few wildlife experts believe that it's no less dangerous than tigers and cheetahs, although

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