110 Year of cultural gatherings

Rich Café: The meeting of intellectuals and a witness to the history

Sometimes we feel nostalgic for the past once we move far from it within the rush of life, and therefore the smell of the place always reminds us of the numerous generations of great those that visited this place and have become a part of it, but a part of the history of contemporary and contemporary Egypt, within its walls Egypt witnessed many cultural and literary movements, which contributed to the event of contemporary civilization, which made it commence of being a mere cultural café, to a cultural radiation within the center of the capital, it's a restaurant feather.


While you're passing through Talaat Harb Street, that café must stop you in its antique style, always invite you to enter it, to air a date with culture, literature and art, shown through its walls that are crammed with pictures of writers, intellectuals and artists, there's Naguib Mahfouz, Youssef Idris, and Amal D He was transferred, Yahya al-Taher Abdullah, Salah Jahin, Thruth Abaza, Najib Srour, Kamal al-Malakh, Kamel Jawish, the painter Ahmed Togan, Hafiz Ibrahim, um Kulthoum, each of which is an Egyptian tale that chronicles Egypt's cultural history for over a century.

Founded in 1908, the Reesh Café has contributed to several of the events that have taken place in Egypt, including its prominent role within the 1919 revolution, following the 1992 earthquake, and through the restoration of 1 of the café walls, workers discovered a secret basement that reaches one in all the rooms, and inside that room found hand-printmachines and an outsized number of secret publications in support of the Egyptian people's revolution in support of Saad Pasha Zaghloul.

Everything inside a feather café still retains its old customs and traditions, once you set foot in its main gate, you'll breathe the smell of history, starting with a uncle "felfel", that old Waiter sacrificed an authentic a part of the café, on the wrinkles of his brown face, reading fifty years of The history of that café, his personal card bearing the name of Mohammed Hussein Sadiq, came from the far reaches of territorial division, specifically from Nubia, throughout his work he gained the love and respect of consumers of writers and intellectuals, so his reward when the café immortalized him with an oversized portrait of him, they made him lead the doorway to the café He bears the words "role model".

The intellectual lives within the café of the many-talk-talking, a pair of words are empty and a pair of conventions that cause you to solve the problems." Thus, the good poet Ahmed Fouad Najm wrote his famous poem, he was the pioneers of the Maqhi Raish of all cultural groups, curious about culture and politics only, and both categories within the view of the poet of colloquialism don't belong to the planet of influential intellectuals, yet he was the favourite café of Nobel Literature Naguib Mahfouz, where he took the seat of his weekly discussion session, which encouraged many intellectuals, writers and intellectuals throughout the 1950s and 1960s to require him to their headquarters.