Achievements Of The Egyptian Association For Simplify Sciences in a year

"Science is the solution"... documentary association, exploratory expeditions and research conferences

Through a year of work, The Egyptian Association For Simplify Sciences  has achieved many important achievements.It began in February 2017, and in October of the same year, launched its site and its first magazine "Egyptian Geographic". The first documentary scientific cognitive magazine dealing with the Egyptian personality in Arabic, English, French, German, Japanese and Russian, and its cultural, heritage, wild, naval, archaeological and natural details .It is currently preparing to launch its second edition"African life"to be the first documentary system in the African continent.


In December 2017, its second project "knowledge chapters" was launched to serve 476 young innovators by organizing three huge conferences. In February 2017, its third project, "explore Egypt" was launched to provide 12 exploratory trips for 1580 schoolchildren, including 380 of handicapped children, specially the blind, the deaf or hearing-impaired.


Egyptian Site & magazine

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