Modern decorations...chairs and tables

Ancient Egyptian furniture, scattered tools, and many colors bring joy and pleasure with a girl in the middle adds her magic touches to make all of this a beautiful painting suits our modern age, that's how Mary Anwar, a graduate from the school of fine arts was.


With pencils, brushes, and colors, Mary can turn old furniture into more modern and cheerful one.

"The idea began when I found my grandmother's wooden chair left unused in one of the corners of the house, and I decided to add some joy to it" ,these were her first words about her own project.Her passion of colors led her to create new paintings that adorn every old piece one and vary depending on the type of furniture, sometimes she mixes cultures such as Pharaonic and African inscriptions . She hopes that everyone understands the meaning of colours and how they influence people and that her project reaches every country in the world with it's own slogan "made in Egypt ".

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