Written by: Tahani Abdel Salam Translated by: Yasmin Badr 05 Oct

“Egypt with Indian eyes” A childhood dream that's come true

Not long ago, that child sat in her classroom listening to the stories of the Egyptians of old, and how they created the most powerful civilization known to humanity. The images of the pyramids and the sphinx were devoured, and in the evening dreaming of the legends of the great Kings, the temples

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written by : Tahany Abd Elsalam- photo by: aya abd Elrahman- Translated by: heba tariq 12 Jul

"Tannoura Dance".. 7 centuries of Sufi Dance

A smooth sufi dance,on the melodies of the most famous turkish sufi philosopher Jalal El-din El rumi poems will capture your soul into a peaceful world, A brand new purified soul you will get, no sins , no guilt, that’s what the believers in Tannoura feel, Even the children are following

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Written by: Sahar Saadallah- Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset- Photos by: Eman Al-Tukhi and Mohammed Essam 04 Jun

"kunafa and Qatayef" .. The unknown secret of Ramadan

Egyptians hustle to the shops of kunafa and Qatayef as soon as the first days of the month of Ramadan begin. Those desserts that are of the most important rituals and customs associated with this holy month. They became an integral part of it, and despite the succession of generations in Egypt

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Written by: Marwa Raslan - Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset - Photos by: Mohamed Omar 29 May

Fast breaking in Al Al_ Bayt... When thousands of families gather in Ramadan

Shortly before the call to prayer of Maghrib, and in the area of " Al Al_Bayt" , you will find another scene of the holy month of Ramadan in Egypt. Hundreds, even thousands of fast breaking tables, wrapping around the mosques of Al Hussein and Al Sayeda Zainab and the rest of the mosques

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Written by: Mustafa Fathi- Photos by: Mohammed Omar- Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset 27 May

Taraweeh prayer in Amr Ibn Al-Aas .. Spirituals befitting Africa's oldest mosque

Once you hear the call to Maghrib prayer in Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque , which is the oldest mosque built in Egypt and even the African continent, you find thousands of prayers ,who came from every direction, to queue behind the imam whose voice is beautiful ,holds a chaplet , behind him rows of human

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