By: Tahany Abdel Salam 01 Jun

Coronavirus ... the most prevalent in the modern era

In the first half of December of 2019, China announced the first cases of acute respiratory disease associated with the emerging corona virus 2019, known briefly as “Covid- 19”, in Wuhan in the Chinese province of Hubei, and on January 9, the first confirmed death occurred Affected by

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By: Marwa Rslan 01 Jun

post coronavirus world is more developed with artificial intelligence

“The post-Corona world may be more developed .. more dependent on artificial intelligence.” With those words that may seem simple, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Zahir, a pioneer of artificial intelligence journalism and a researcher at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence Journalism, started

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Written by: Ahmed Atallah 05 Mar

Egypt tops the list of the richest countries in history

'Egypt has the richest history in the world'... A detailed report published on The Stockholm Index, according to data from the 2017 Best Countries rankings, which recently prepared a global survey in 80 countries and involved nearly 27,000 citizens, to determine the richest histories,

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Written by: Ahmed Atallah 31 Dec

Montaza Palace: that combines the Byzantine Architecture and the Gothic and Islamic

Alexandria was traditionally the place where wealthy went to escape the summer heat, This included the ruling family of Egypt, Al Salamlik, was built in 1892 as a hunting lodge for the Khedive and his friends, and The 19th-century Montazah palace, are located at the eastern edge of Alexandria on

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Written by: Tahani Abdel Salam Translated by: Yasmin Badr 05 Oct

“Egypt with Indian eyes” A childhood dream that's come true

Not long ago, that child sat in her classroom listening to the stories of the Egyptians of old, and how they created the most powerful civilization known to humanity. The images of the pyramids and the sphinx were devoured, and in the evening dreaming of the legends of the great Kings, the temples

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