Written by: Mohamed Fahmy, Translated by: R kamel 20 Sep

Marionette industry: The art of moving dolls

“The big night, my uncle, and also the world could be a lot ... several chawaders from the countryside and Al Banadir.” Six decades ago, the poet Salah Jahin created for us the words of the operetta that lived immortal in our conscience, simple words but formed the conscience of

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Written by :tahany Abd elSalam, Translated: R kamel 10 Aug

solarbread .. an ancient pharaonic heritage

A quick look at the lists of the numerous offerings and inscriptions that the traditional Egyptian left on the walls of his temples and tombs, will make us cognizant of the good importance of bread, or living, because the public calls it in Egypt today, and also the word "living" was

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Wrote by: Hanaa Kamal - Translated by: Shireen Medhat- Photography by: Mariam Gamal 27 Mar

"Handmade carpets".. Egyptian heritage threatened with extinction

"My daughter 3 handmade pieces with seal holder her dowry.. And don`t forget write them her name".. Long time ago, specifically in the late 19th and early 20th century, never marriage without that phrase. Throughout the centuries, handmade carpet was dowry for pride, it was habit in

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Written by: Yasmin Emad 02 Mar

"Tahtib".. Pharaonic Martial Art Turned into a Folk Dance

In Upper Egypt, we always hear the words, "It is a passion. We cannot do without in weddings and celebrations". Even children stand aside, making a circle, with two children in the center playing the game, which is described as "passion", with a stick called "Mahabba"

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Written By: Yasmin Emad 02 Mar

“Aragouz (Egyptian Puppet)”.. Created by Ancient Egyptians to Address Kings

The dialogue between el-Aragouz (puppet) and el-Omda (mayor) in the Egyptian puppet operetta, el-Leila el-Kebira (The Grand Night), written by Salah Jahin and composed by Sayed Mekawy, describes the celebration of the moulid in Egypt perfectly, via various puppets made by the artist Nagy Shaker,

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