Written by: Marwa Raslan, Translated by: R kamel 19 Sep

Al- Mursi Abu al-Abbas: Andalusian edifice on the coast of the Bride of the Mediterranean

For eight decades ago, the people of Alexandria were related to Sheikh "Abu Al-Abbas Al-Morsi", one in all the foremost important religious scholars, and one among the foremost prominent Sufi men within the Shadhili order series, The owner of the foremost famous historical mosque during a

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Written by : Marwa Raslan, Translated by : R kamel 14 Sep

Pyramid of Djoser: A cemetery without a body

That mummy doesn't belong to the King's Djoser It doesn't belong to him in the least".. On a chilly night of the winter of 1822, with those intermittent phrases, the Italian engineer "Guerlano Segato" jumped screaming in an exceedingly desperate voice, his redeyes

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written by : Mustafa abd el-salam, Translate by: R kamel 13 Aug

"Serapeum of Alexandria".. The remains of three civilizations ruled the Bride of the Mediterranean

An archaeological edifice, reflecting the cultural trinity witnessed by the Bride of the Mediterranean during the centuries bc, was once considered by the Egyptians as an area to perform the pilgrimage, and as soon because the Christian faith arrived the land of Egypt, they treated it as a house of

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Written by: Mustafa Abdeslam, Translate by: R kamel 12 Aug

"The Hanging Church." The saint's meeting that hid the Holy Family

An archaeological entity, described because the most significant and most sacred religious monument within the world, being located at the best trench, one among the foremost important safe stations that hid the holy family from the eyes of the lads of the Roman dictator Herod, ruler of Palestine,

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Wrote By: Alzhraa Sami and Translation by: R kamel 18 Jul

Workers' tombs confirm: Egypt's pyramids not built by slaves

British protesters stood on Bristol River‘s edge, intonation joy for their success in dropping down the sculpture of the well-known British savager Edward Colston, whereas the demonstrators' calls forced the Belgian government to get rid of the sculpture of the previous king "Leopold

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