By: Tahany Abdel Salam 01 Jun

Germany recognizes: The bust of of Nefertiti, the king of Egypt

“The head of Nefertiti is the king of Egypt, and follows its historical culture. We stole it when Egypt was under British control.” This may appear to be the first German confession published in the magazine “Der Spiegel”, and even "the head of the queen" title,

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By: Tahany Abdel Salam 03 Dec

Mosque of Ibn Tulun: Cairo’s Oldest and Largest Mosque

Ibn Tulun Mosque is a rare example, where Europeans openly admitted its influence on the development of many features of their architecture, Elements such as the pointed arch, the pier, and wall battlements formed the essential ingredients of the birth of Gothic architecture, which led Europe to

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written by: Marwa raslan 11 Oct

Egyptian Railways Museum... Showing the history of transports

Located at the eastern end of Ramses Station, this newly renovated museum is heaven for railway geeks and model-building hobbyists. While the prize of the collection is undoubtedly the locomotive built for Empress Eugenie on the occasion of the opening of the Suez Canal, the museum as a whole

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written by: Yasmin Emad 10 Apr

Ibis.. Master of Sacred Word and God of Moon, Wisdom, and Medicine

A silent bird that can barely make a sound. The ancient Egyptian has known ibis since the dynastic period, and placed it in the most prominent place for a single bird. Not only it was depicted on the walls of ancient Egyptian's temples, but also it was linked to the god Thoth, and

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Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset 02 Apr

The most famous temples and obelisks given by Egypt to world capitals (part II)

It seems that the former rulers of Egypt wasn't satisfied with what they have gifted to New York and Madrid, as the list includes a number of other temples, obelisks, and gates of western European cities, such as: Temple of Taffeh The temple of Taffeh was located in the village

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