written by: Sahar Saadallah - translated by: Yasmin Badr - photography by: Aya Abdul Rahman 02 Apr

"Valley of obstacles" A piece of Mars swimming under the feet of the galaxy's arm

Geologists described it as the natural history of the earth museum, and space scientists and researchers as the Mars valley,Astronomers described it as the surface of the earth that reveals the arm of the galaxy, a valley that dives into the heart of the Egyptian white desert. More than 80

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written by: Marwa Raslan - Translated by: Shireen Medhat - Photos by: aya abd-elrahman 31 Mar

"White desert".. Hot snows land and 10,000 years of civilization

"Look like the North Pole or The Siberian ice desert".. So called Western desert traveler, however, it`s blazing sun and hot winds, out of this cold rating. "White desert".. Here fantasy raised reality, so it occurs to you that nature comic dances boyish chime in to create that

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written by: Mustafa Abdel Salam - translated by: Yasmin Badr 26 Mar

"The Egyptian turtle" ... The second-smallest turtle is threatened with extinction

Wildlife scientists have agreed that the Egyptian tortoise is one of the most important species of wild turtles. Is at risk of extinction, being recently placed at the top of the red list of the most endangered species, That kind of turtle is a small pet with its calm and slow motion . The

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written by- Yasmin Emad and Yasmin Badr 19 Mar

"The Egyptian Owl" .. Holy Bird Punished by Ramsses II for slapping His Face with Its Wings

A repulsive bird of prey known for its large eyes. Its name was associated to desolation. The vast majority of human beings would croak on seeing or hearing its voice. However, it held a special place among the ancient Egyptians. They even took it as a hieroglyphic character. "Pharaoh

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Written by: Yasmin Emad 08 Mar

"Nile Crocodile"..The Second-largest Extant Reptile in the World

A very powerful and aggressive predator, which lived on earth in the Cretaceous period, more than 84 million years ago. It is considered one of the fiercest predators that dominated land before the age of the dinosaurs. Although the ancient Egyptian did not worship animals, the manuscripts

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