Special investigations

Written by: Mustafa Abd El Salam- Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset- Photos by Mohammed Omar,Ebrahim Mahmoud 22 May

Ramadan in Egypt .. Heritage of the Nile Valley civilization

"Ramadan in Egypt is different from any other country"... an expected answer of any visitor to Egypt in this holy month. All of his rites are a legitimate legacy of every civilization witnessed by the Nile Valley what give this month a special flavor differs from the rest of the Islamic

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Written by: Mustafa Abd El Salam -Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset - Photos by: Eslam Qoutb and Nourhan Al Fayed 19 Mar

The Nile River...The symbol of civilization that our ancestors called god

In Assiut governorate, the poet "Mahmoud Hassan Ismail" sat on the shore of the Nile in his village to listen to that conversation between the Nile, the palms and the trees,to realize that eternal encounter between that river and palm leaf. He tried to express his feeling in a poem

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Translated by: Meral Hussein - Report and photography: Manal Sayed Hamid 01 Mar

"Nomadic Arabs": Homeless people seeking shelter and grazing lands

Many people think that this kind of a life no longer exists, where some people are forced to move from one province to another, riding their animals for days in search of a pasture where they can settle. Then, they pitch their tents for two to four months at a time, until the cattle finish grazing

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written by: Meral Hussein 24 Feb

One million artifacts adorn the largest 40 museums around the world

"A twenty billion dollar industry by the ancient Egyptian artifacts mafia, which equals four times the income of the Suez Canal annually". These were words of a news report issued by a formal authority, yet at the same time these words were shocking. The mere shock about these words was

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Written by: Muhammad Abdel Salam - Translated by: Alaa Fathy Muahmmad 17 Feb

the Museum of Torture: you will witness the cruelty of man through the ages (part 2)

As soon as you set foot in the entrance of the museum, you will smell the blood and feel as if you can hear the voices and screams of the tortured. This feeling will stir in your chest because the first thing that will meet your eyes as soon as you walk in is the logo of the museum which the

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