Wrote by: Mohamed Abd El-Salam- Translated by: Shireen Medhat 06 Mar

"Farouk El-Baz".. The Egyptian, who moon keys holder

Old man Brown holds his face all good features and original kind, despite his years as a migrant in Uncle Sam`s country, don`t forget his habits and traditions which raising them, the king, they call him at NASA, and was reportedly informed by his schoolboy`s tongue, "Alfred Worden", the

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written by: Amira Abd El Basset 03 Mar

"Mo Salah".. Egyptian-Arab icon in fog countries

"The little Pharaoh .. king of Egypt..Minister of happiness.. The prostrators' Imam..The Arabs' pride .. The Scorpion" .. Titles stuck to his name.He lived as a traveler among nations,from a small village in Gharbia governorate to the swiss city of Basel,then to the british city

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Wrote by: Mohamed Abd El-Salam - Translated by: Shireen Medhat 01 Mar

"Steven Hawking".. Mind which triumphed over physical disability

"My advice for disabled people, focus on things that can be done despite disability.. And don`t let your souls disabled like as your body".. Highlighted word out of the mouth of one of the 20th century scholars, some people thinks days, he wanted to throw them about his disability,

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written by: Meral Hussein 01 Mar

Artur Fischer.. King of Inventions

Famously dubbed the king of inventions, and quite righteously so, as he recently passed away leaving behind a legacy of 1100 patents to his name, His ever-lasting series of inventions began in 1949 and for the following six decades, he never stopped innovating and registering a record eighteen new

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Written by: Mohamed Abdul Salam -Translated by: Rana Magdy 17 Feb

Essam Heggy.. The Seeker of life on Mars

“48.5” Egyptian pounds" was the largest amount this ingenious young man was paid. Heggy graduated from Faculty of Science and later joined the Faculty of Astrological Studies at Cairo University. He sat up many nights yearning for success, until he became the top of his class and

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