Elder of space elders

"Farouk El-Baz".. The Egyptian, who moon keys holder

Old man Brown holds his face all good features and original kind, despite his years as a migrant in Uncle Sam`s country, don`t forget his habits and traditions which raising them, the king, they call him at NASA, and was reportedly informed by his schoolboy`s tongue, "Alfred Worden", the most famous astronaut of Apollo flight, and who said after arriving at the Moon, "After the King trainings.. I feel like I came here before".


He is Egyptian Dr. Farouk El-Baz; he was born on Jan 1, 1938, for simple family in the village of Tukh, in El-Senbellawein, Dakahlia, encouraged by parents on different stage of education gradient, where they had always believed in his ability and talent, his father was the first education Azhari in his village, despite the simplicity of his mother was his fateful decisions help, where she had natural intelligence as he described.

The boy`s dream was at first to become a great surgeon, but his grades in high school have been other, forced to join the faculty of science, Ain Shams University, chose it instead of Dental College, because it`s close to his home, It takes only an hour and a half walk, it helps him to not spends money go by public transport, though he was a collector since childhood, going to Scout trips, and stony collection, never heard of his talent sourcing technology knowledge only when joined the faculty of science.

Farouk El-Baz got Bachelor of Science in 1958, teaching geology in Asyut University until 1960, when he won a scholarship to complete his studies in USA, there got masters of geology in 1961, then got an honorary membership in the one important association "Sigma Xi"  in recognition of his efforts in thesis, majoring in economic technology.

Farouk El-Baz eyes where always destined to Egypt during his stay in America, he gathered all his samples and researches and returned back to his country, sky in the hope to make high institute of geology, was surprised about telling him text "you should receive your work as a teacher of chemistry at the higher institute in Sues" in institute had never heard of it before, simply, after 3 months, had to go to receive his work in mysterious Institute, where he meet one of his physicists friend, got a nuclear engineering from Russia, had taught a sound and light, where advised him to get back his papers after a minutes submission to the management of the Institute, immediately.

"I never thought that I`m moving away from my country".. Dr. Farouk El-Baz said with very sorrowfully, in December 1966, after a year from suffered, decided to travel in America in secret, fear of barbed political circumstance that were in Egypt at that time, and there began the arduous journey to search for a work, look to his arrived after the start of the school year wasn`t accepted by any University, take sends applications to corporations exceeded 100, until NASA sent to him, they were looking for geological specialist in the moon, and accepted with his surprise.

Interestingly, he emphasized his accept for the job even though he knew nothing about the geology of the moon, and in one of the Conference rooms that were talking about the geology of the moon and everything about it, didn`t understand anything, asked someone sitting beside him there is an encyclopedia collects everything had been said, "no need to a book, we know all about the Moon" said that, that answer prompted him to research and knowledge in one of huge libraries search, studied more than 4000 pictures for 3 months.

Didn`t pass one year until he was able to understand everything about the Moon Geology, at the second Conference on the platform displays presenting his findings to it, in the middle of questionable what it is, even the scientist who tell him we know everything about the moon "discover now that we didn`t know anything about the Moon", said that.

Baz entered the history of NASA, with his major tasks in the first flight of man landed of the moon, the first is choosing landing sites on the moon, the second is crew training astronauts on the Moon in a manner a scientific geological description, collected the sampling and his filmed with accompanying hardware, in appreciation of Professor "Neil Armstrong" sent a message to Earth in Arabic, and took with him a little handwritten Al-Fatiha and prayer of his professor for success.

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