50 years of scientific innovation

"Steven Hawking".. Mind which triumphed over physical disability

"My advice for disabled people, focus on things that can be done despite disability.. And don`t let your souls disabled like as your body".. Highlighted word out of the mouth of one of the 20th century scholars, some people thinks days, he wanted to throw them about his disability, suffered from more than five decades ago, but they realized later that words addressed to him before he sends them.


"Steven Hawking" wasn`t just a researcher in physics, but one of the most prominent theoretical physicists, and Cosmology worldwide, a great mind is extraordinary scientific legacy for years, his research library keep to theory researches in Cosmology and researches in relationship between black holes and thermodynamics, as his researches and studies in chronology, to prove scientifically that physical disability cannot investigate the mind.

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is an illusion of knowledge".. That was the vision of Steven Hawking, so he sought for more than 5 decades on world understand, and what human surrounded, until he became a famous scientist as a result of his work on "Hawking Radiation", where he said that black holes are not completely black, but its glow as a result of different types of radiation, which means that his theory contributed greatly to change our theory of universe with a great extant,  great insights on where how to destroy black holes and retaining information, what to say, the black hole may serve as a passage to another universe.


Despite "Hawking Radiation" idea still only a theory, but in the same time, if the show was probably winning the Nobel Prize, radiation has been identified for the first time in 1974; he described the strange archaeologies that should be visible on the very small black holes, to convert this interest and theoretical discovery to practical notices, but because black holes are tough surveillance, it was not possible to the glow of radiation expected to surround it.

Hawking was born on British Oxford in 1942, for English father and Scottish mother, before he was 11 years old in 1963, suffered by a disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or "Lou Gehrig" disease, which resulted it a paralysis, unable to speak except with electronics, doctors predicted that day that his life might end within 3 years of discovering disease, but he lived for more than 50 years and surprised everyone when he began giving lectures are all over the world, as write a very important books, " A brief history of time" and "the universe in a nutshell" on the head.


Before he fully deficit, specifically in the late 1960`s physical capacities deteriorated an began using crutches, also lost the ability to write, developed compensating optical methods, including seeing an engineering perspective equation, almost in spite of his disability was refusing to accept any help or make any concessions because of that disability, but he said one day he prefer to consider himself, first a scientist, second popular science writer, in all matters that concern the normal human being with the same desires, motivation, ambitious as the other person, it was, according to his wife "Jane Hawking" has the tenacity and stubbornness.

Steven Hawking deteriorated heath in the late 1970s, no one bot his family and friends close only to understand his words and hardest, so he had to hire someone who knows him well enough to translate his words into clear speech, for special reasons relating to succession with his university, about of those coasts will be charged to deliver his lectures, he and his wife led a campaign to improve access for people with disabilities in Cambridge, including the adaptation of student residences at the University.


"How the human race will works for another 100 years in a complete political , social, and environment chaos?.. Just a question Steven Hawking asked, published in 2006, as usual didn't put an answer but stick wrote, "I don`t know the answer.. That`s why i asked the question to make people think and be aware of about the dangers that we face now', it has been often expresses concern for the human race, under the potential danger, as outbreak of nuclear war, the spread was genetically engineered virus or global warming, what affects do lives themselves and even disappearance, so he felt the need to send space flights, and space colonization in order to secure the future of humanity. 

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