A man broke the records in Liverpool.

"Mo Salah".. Egyptian-Arab icon in fog countries

"The little Pharaoh .. king of Egypt..Minister of happiness.. The prostrators' Imam..The Arabs' pride .. The Scorpion" .. Titles stuck to his name.He lived as a traveler among nations,from a small village in Gharbia governorate to the swiss city of Basel,then to the british city of Fulham,then to Rome in Italy ,to finally settle in the British city of Liverpool.


Mohamed Salah or as the english prefer to call him "Mo Salah" wasn't just a football player,he finally managed to get Egypt back to the" world cup" mondial after an absence lasts for 28 years.He has become an Egyptian ,Arab and global icon. Although he is young and despite  his few years of proficiency during which he has been moving for only six years among four major leagues. He managed to achieve successive achievements until he became the giant of Africa and the legend of the European continent.

"Mo Salah" could make the difference throughout his games,even in the games he didn't play, he found himself in the arena of compete against his will , by his own style,morals, confidence and humility which imposed a state of respect in the british football and even in whole Europe.


Mohamed was born in 1992 in the village of Negreg in Bassion city in Gharbia governorate.Due to harsh conditions did not join the university, but joined one of the junior colleges in Giza.On 3rd May 2010, he started his career in the egyptian league, playing his first match when he was not 18 yet, that season he managed to score his first goal against Al-Ahli on 5th December of the same year.

At the ending of ( 2011-2012) season,Al- Zamalek ;one of Egypt's two football magnates ,has shown an interest in him as a major player,but he preferred to experience European proficiency by joining the Swiss club of Basel. In 2013 , he was awarded the title of " the best player in the Swiss league".He also won the African Football Confederation award as" The best ascendant player in the African continent " in 2012.


On 26 January , 2014, Mohammed Salah moved to the british club "Chelsea" in a deal was evaluated by English press with around 11 million sterling, but he didn't get a chance to participate as a main player, as he took part in some matches as an alternative player for just a few minutes which led him to accept his six-month loaning to the Italian club "Fiorontina" on 1st February 2015 where he did a remarkable performance in the Italian league.

On 6 August 2015, Salah moved for the second time on loan to the italian club "Rome" just for a year , with Rome's deserving to buy him in the future by five million euros, what led Fiorontina to file a complaint to FIFA against Chelsea and Mohamed Salah, claiming that his contract was violated when Salah was allowed to join Rome.The verdict issued after salah joined Liverpool, and came in the interest of salah and Chelsea, and finally salah won the "season player" award in Rome.He managed to score 14 goals in the Italian league, as well as a goal in the European champions league to become the team's marksman.


On 3rd August 2016, Rome purchased Mohammed salah from Chelsea definitively for 15 million euros, and ( 2016-2017) was the best season,then he was able to score 19 goals, including 15 in the league,two goals in the Italian Cup and two in the European league so he became the second marksman in the list of Rome ,to be chosen for the second time as the best player in Rome in the Italian league( 2016-2017).

As a result of his remarkable brilliance in Rome,"Liverpool" announced on 22nd June 2017, that  had signed a contract with Mohamed Salah in a historic deal at all levels which worthes 42 million euros ,in addition to 8 million euros as bonuses,this deal made Mohammed salah the most expensive player in the history of Liverpool, beating the record of Andy Carol who joined in 2011 for 35 million pounds sterling,this deal also made him the most expensive African player after beating the record of Sadio Mani who joined in 2016 for 34 million pounds sterling, and the most expensive Arab player what made him superlative on the algerian "Eslam Solimani" who joined for 30 million pounds sterling.


Mo Salah was a major factor that assisted the Egyptian varsity to ascend the final match at the African Nations Cup in Gabon 2017 in an unexpected surprise,as the Egyptian varsity due to the internal conditions did not qualify for three full tournaments. Salah also helped Egypt to ascend to the World Cup in Russia 2018 after an absence lasted for 28 years, by scoring two goals in the goal of the Congo.


Today Salah achieves successive achievements, breaks records,became the marksman of The Premier League.In his last match with Watford, he scored his first super hat-trick in five years so Salah's name became the first Egyptian player's name to be sung in British songs.The fans of Liverpool launched a song that says"Mo Salah ..Mo Salah ..Mo Salah.. Running down the wing...Slaaaaaah the Egyptian king...Mo Salah...Mo Salah...Mo Salah... Running down the wing", they also launched another song that says"If he's good enough for me, if he scores more goals, I'll be Muslim like him".

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