Small traveler “Somolica”

“Egypt with Indian eyes” A childhood dream that's come true

Not long ago, that child sat in her classroom listening to the stories of the Egyptians of old, and how they created the most powerful civilization known to humanity. The images of the pyramids and the sphinx were devoured, and in the evening dreaming of the legends of the great Kings, the temples and obelisks of the first two pharaohs were built, She lived her childhood reading dozens and hundreds of books about that ancient people, fascinated by beautiful characters, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, Cleopatra, and when her father got her tickets to Egypt, she realized that her old dream had come true.


Somoleka das, an Indian girl, not yet 20 years old, born in the city of kolkata, With Bengali origins, and although she studied medicine, some dubbed it a little traveler, In October 2016, she came to Egypt to spend a few days between Cairo, Alexandria and Aswan. She has published in her personal blog, Details of her pictorial journey to the land of dreams.

Sumelika began her comic strip. Her family chose a hotel next to the pyramids of Giza, so that they could enjoy the greatness of the last of the seven wonders, After they had eaten, and before the sun set, they decided to go to the pyramids before the sound and light parties started, As soon as the little traveler passed the entrance gates, she unleashed the passion and then rushed into the larger pyramid in disbelief, wanting to touch her old stones, Then she started climbing on a mission that she described as never easy, and after going down, she didn't forget to pick a quiet camel to go with her for a 20-minute tour.

On the day after the visit, sumelika visited the papyrus institute to see how the ancient Egyptians made papyrus leaves, and acquired a painting of Jamila, queen Nefertiti, She then went on a quick trip to the Egyptian museum, and inside the mummys room, announced her surprise at what king Ramses looked like, and how his body was still being prepared. His hair was still on, and then I headed to king Tutankhamun's room.

That evening, the small traveler headed for khan al-khalili, listening to many bazaars, hand gift shops and perfumes, after the tour was over, she selected an eastern coffee shop located next to the khan, to listen to artistic paragraphs and eastern music.


The following morning sumelika moved to Alexandria, where she stayed for three days, during which she visited the area of Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa and the Roman cemetery, as well as the Serapeum, the Pompey's Pillar and the old library, The Alexandria museum, and one day she went to the park to walk through its unique palaces and monuments.

Sumelika concluded her journey with a brief visit to the city of Aswan, which she described as the origin of Egyptian civilization and history, It is a pristine city of Nubian tribes and how its geological nature has contributed to the Nile river flowing from south to north; What Egypt's elite designers gained from being in the south was her initial visit to the high dam. Then to lake Nasser, which worships the world's largest freshwater lake, to the temple of elephants, dedicated to the worship of ISIS, the gods of magic and beauty. She felt proud and magnificent in the presence of that remarkable architecture that defied science and history and concluded her journey in the city by visiting the temple of hatchasot

The next day, sumelika went on a special trip to the Nubian village and elephants island, and enjoyed singing and dancing with Nubian children, And how she was happy to be welcomed by Nubian families, and how she enjoyed tea with their wives, And how she was surprised to find them that crocodiles are just pets in their homes.


Those were the details of the journey that was dreamed of in Egypt, and the little Indian traveler das sumelika recorded it on her blog “My Not So Secret Diary” She invited her Indian friends to experience her experience in the embrace of Egyptian culture.