The owner of the 50 patents was invented

"Mark Zuckerberg" .. Emperor of the kingdom of virtual world

"It was hard to stay ahead of this genius child who began taking graduate courses since his early years ", with these words, a teacher described his suffering with that genius child , he even stopped teaching him for his exaggerated brilliance, today he became an emperor for inhabitants of Earth in their virtual world.


This genius child was just the American businessman Mark Zuckerberg.The guy who got 50 patents even though he was only 34 years old but the real reason for his fame is creating the  social networking site known as "Facebook", that virtual world that being used by two billion users around the world.

Mark was born in 1984, in "White Plains", New York, of American parents,his father "Edward zuckerberg" was a dentist and his mother "Karen" worked as a psychiatrist.He was like all the guys who have a lot of leisure, but he made use of this time studing software science that attracted him since he was a teenager.


Like any child in the mid-1990s,games and social networking sites were his main concern, that he created his first messaging program named "Zucknet"at the age of 12 to help his father as he noticed his father's fatigue in moving from his home to his clinic to see if there were patients waiting for him.So he created this program so that his father could communicate with his nurse, The family used it to communicate with each other within the house.

He  later studied at Philips Exeter Academy,at that time, another program was created to serve employees at a telecommunication office, he created computer games too but his most important invention in that phase was the early version of the music software which he called Synapse in which he depended on artificial intelligence so he could compute the number of users and know their favorite music. Several companies including AOL and Microsoft expressed an interest in buying the software but he declined the offers and uploaded his program so that it would be available free of charge for all.


After graduating from Exeter in 2002, Zuckerberg enrolled at Harvard University, at that time he created a program called CourseMatch to help students choose their classes. He also invented Facemash, which compared the pictures of two students on campus and allowed users to vote on which one was more attractive. The program became wildly popular, but was later shut down by the school administration after it was deemed inappropriate.Based on the fame of his previous projects,three of his fellows " Divya Narendra, and Cameron twins and Tylor Winklevoss " designed a website called Harvard Connection.

The site was mainly designed to use information from Harvard's student networks in order to create a dating site for the Harvard elite. Zuckerberg agreed to help with the project, but soon withdrawed to work on his own social networking site " Facebook" with his friends "Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saverin".His dorm at the university was the first place of his own site, until he moved to a small house in Palo Alto, California, in 2004. By the end of 2004 the site had more than 1 million users. In 2005, he received $12 million as a financial support from Axel Barteres to be able to expand the website to reach 5.5 million users including university and high school students.


Even though Harvard Connection creators had accused him of stealing their idea, mark had to pay $65 million as an initial compensation, he continued developing his site .One of the most important developments in 2007 was adding  Facebook platform through which developers can create applications, the most famous of which is "Happy Farm". Today, the site has more than 800,000 developers around the world and he has launched Facebook Beacon too , which allows users to share their activities with friends so that they can browse through other sites.

Although facebook has become the largest and most important marketing site that contributes to advertising for individuals and businesses,in 2009 the American writer Ben meztrich criticized him in a book entitled "The Accidental Billionaires " which turned into a film that was nominated to eight oscars.In March 2015, he moved the company to Minlo Park, California where the engineer "Frank Jerry" designed it on an erea of 35,000 meters to accommodate a team of more than 3,000 engineers.

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