Written by: Muhammad Abd El Salam - Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset 18 Feb

Egyptology ..The science dominated by foreigners (part 1)

"I got it... I got it...I figured out what the letters on the stone mean..We will catch that ancient civilization". On a hot night in the summer of 1822, with those separated phrases,The French scientist" John Francoi chambollion" leapt and shouted with great pleasure, the gloss

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Written by: Fathi El Nwishy - Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset - Photos by: Nurhan El Fayed 17 Feb

The pyramid of Meidum; The false cemetery six decades before the pyramid of khofu

Although more than forty six centuries have passed since it was created, it still has many mysteries ,even the most famous Egyptian historians have been unable to classify its appearance ,Some say it's a whole pyramid formed a link between the scaled pyramid of zoser as it was built sixty

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