written by- Yasmin Emad and Yasmin Badr 19 Mar

"The Egyptian Owl" .. Holy Bird Punished by Ramsses II for slapping His Face with Its Wings

A repulsive bird of prey known for its large eyes. Its name was associated to desolation. The vast majority of human beings would croak on seeing or hearing its voice. However, it held a special place among the ancient Egyptians. They even took it as a hieroglyphic character. "Pharaoh

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Written by: Yasmin Emad 08 Mar

"Nile Crocodile"..The Second-largest Extant Reptile in the World

A very powerful and aggressive predator, which lived on earth in the Cretaceous period, more than 84 million years ago. It is considered one of the fiercest predators that dominated land before the age of the dinosaurs. Although the ancient Egyptian did not worship animals, the manuscripts

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wrote by: Tahani Abdel Salam - translated by: Yasmin Badr 26 Feb

Pharaonic geese: His painting at Meidum was described as "Mona Lisa" of Egyptian art

pharaonic geese An aggressive bird, Egyptian canonized it in temples 6600 years ago , They even hoisted it up so that a living organism could reach it on the surface of the globe. so it even became a sacred religious symbol, a linguistic symbol of Egyptian hieroglyphic writing. Egyptian

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By: Hanaa Kamel - Photographers: Amr Akila, Nourhan El Fayed, Nourhan Mohsen, Shaza Ehab and A’laa Hussein 22 Feb

The Camel.. The Egyptian Civilization guide & Ship of the Desert

With its heavy body, it stands high on its four strong, long legs as if it was a part from this charming civilization, at many of the desert located tourist sites in Egypt, camels can be seen. It is well-known among the visitors of the land of Pharaohs, when many people all over the world think of

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Written by: Marwa Raslan - Translated by: Yasmin Badr. 18 Feb

"shoebill ".. birds the Nile that feeds on crocodiles

Despite belonging to the world of birds, the researchers of "ornithology" or the science of birds found it difficult to classify, In their opinion, there is no such thing as that strange creature, it is sometimes like a swan, "The swan is one of the finest living creatures on the

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