African Geo

Wrote by: Mustafa Abdel Salam .. Translated by: Yasmin Badr 23 Feb

"African Lion" .. King of the jungle, which depends on his wife in hunting

"Osama, Al-Harith, Haidara, Al-Sabaa, Al-Mutawakis, Al-Najaj, Al-Dawaas, Al-Saab", The Arabs knew it by those names. the African lion reaches from head to body between 170 and 250 centimeters for males,Females are 140 to 175 cm long, and males have a shoulder height of 123 cm,The

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Written by: Tahany Abdulsalam - Translated by: Rana Magdy 17 Feb

"Kush" .. The land of "Black Pharaohs" who ruled the Nile Valley four centuries

"Such a powerful kingdom that imposed its influence and control between the 8th and the 4th centuries BC." As described by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and even as the greatest ancient African civilization. UNESCO added its archaeological

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