8 species threatened with extinction

"African Lion" .. King of the jungle, which depends on his wife in hunting

"Osama, Al-Harith, Haidara, Al-Sabaa, Al-Mutawakis, Al-Najaj, Al-Dawaas, Al-Saab", The Arabs knew it by  those names.


the African lion reaches from head to body between 170 and 250 centimeters for males,Females are 140 to 175 cm long, and males have a shoulder height of 123 cm,The female  107 cm, while the tail is between 90 and 105 cm for  male,And between 70 and 100 centimeters for females,Has a strong jaw and menus, and their fangs are about 8.1 centimeters long,It helps to devour larger game hunting.

The lion's colors range from bright yellow to reddish , or dark brown,Usually the lower body part fades from the top, either The tail tends to black.


Lions were the most common great land mammals in Numbers right after humans,It was home to a large area of Africa, Asia and some European countries,Today, the rest live in sub-saharan Africa, and few in Asia live in "Gujarat"north-west India.

The African lion is one of the most endangered species,So many countries in the world created "zoos" trying to preserve them, Young males and females can be distinguished very easily by eye, since the male has a hair around the neck,  but the female has no one. At the ripening stage, they can be easily identified ,The male's head is full of long, dense hair,And it's bigger in size, and it's voise strong and sharp,As for the female, what distinguishes it is the presence of a thick tangle of hair at the end of the tail.

Although lion is a major predatory animal, no other animal can prey on it,But humans are not on their menu, and they may even ignore it if they encounter it,If some of them can prey on humans, and here they regard them as sick animals, they leave them alone and kill them.


There is no specific mating season, and mating lives usually begin before the age of 4, Couples meet 20 to 50 times a day,The female carries her young for about 110 days running,It then chooses a suitable hideout, such as caves and dense trees, as a safe place to lay its cubs.

The cub begins his whole life closed for a week, and a day or two after birth begins to crawl,He can walk after three weeks,During this period the mother travels her cubs several times from one hideout to another as a measure of security.


Lions are among the most animal symbols that human civilizations have ever taken to express,A number of countries around the world have taken it as a symbol of their flags,also ancient Egyptian civilization took a lion as a symbol of its most ferocious war god,In ancient Nubian civilization, "Abadamak" was god,And in both cultures, they called their skilled men warriors "the son of a lioness." , A sign of their power gained from the masters of lions.

Back in the day, he classified the lion dynasty as 12 , And they were different from home, manure, size and diffuse density,Today, scientists have agreed that only eight strains are classified as a lion , The first of these dynasties is the "Barbarian" dynasty, the largest , Today he is considered an extinct dynasty, his last appearance in 1922, Morocco .


The second dynasty is the "Asian lion", which was very prevalent in Turkey, the levant, Mesopotamia and the Arabian peninsula, as far as Pakistan, India , and Bangladesh , Today, only 300 lions live in a "jungle" in India.

The senegalese dynasty called him that he lives in west Africa, Senegal, The Northeast Congo dynasty, and the Nubian dynasty , The katanga dynasty, the Kruger dynasty, and finally the cape of good hope dynasty, which died out around 1860.


As for the ancient dynasties that lived in prehistoric times, it is the American dynasty that lived in the Americas , And that was 10 grand ago, "Fossil" strain, which flourished for about 500 thousand years old , either The caverns have flourished for 300,000 to 10,000 years in Europe and Asia, Finally, the eastern Siberian dynasty, which lived in Yakutia, Russia, and Canada.

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