Egypt's Dinosaurs: the 7 largest organisms that lived within the Nile Valley 40 million years ago

One day, quite 100 million years ago, dinosaurs, the most important inhabited land in history, lived within the Nile Valley, specifically within the Faiyum and Beni Suef region, which was considered the shore of a large sea called the "Tethys Ocean", from which only the sea remained.


Egypt's dinosaurs, discovered quite 100 years ago, haven't only lived within the Fayoum and Beni Suef regions, as there are 26 sites monitored within the past 10 years, All of them are in the Bahariya Oasis and Western Desert, the Egyptian-American Mission for The Search and Exploration of Dinosaur Scars has been ready to observe the bones of dinosaurs buried underground 65 million years ago.

The Egyptian-American expedition, which was headed by Dr. Yosri Saad Attia, succeeded in discovering "tidal giant dinosaur" or "Paralititan ", the second largest dinosaur after the dinosaur of Argentina, additionally to dinosaurs "Bahariasaurus", or Bahariya Oasis Lizard, and "Carcharodontosaurus", or The lizard with sharp teeth, and "Deltadromeus", and "Paralititan", the second largest dinosaur ever discovered within the world, weighing over 80 tons and a length of quite 30 meters, and a Spinosaurus.


The first species was named after Egypt, "Aegyptosaurus", and therefore the English name means "Egyptian lizard", an enormous dinosaur belonging to the sauropod, which lived within in the Cretaceous i.e about 95 million years go, Past, with an extended neck, atiny low skull and a protracted tail, very kind of like the "Argentinosaurus", discovered in South America.


The excavation Aegyptosaurus the German scientist Ernst Stromer, alias the daddy of The Egyptian dinosaurs, were discovered in 1932 and located in Egypt, specifically within the Bahariya Oasis, and various places within the Great Desert, and were placed within the Munich Museum, but destroyed in warfare II.