Fast breaking in Al Al_ Bayt... When thousands of families gather in Ramadan

Shortly before the call to prayer of Maghrib, and in the area of " Al Al_Bayt" , you will find another scene of the holy month of Ramadan in Egypt. Hundreds, even thousands of fast breaking tables, wrapping around the mosques of Al Hussein and  Al Sayeda Zainab and the rest of the mosques of Al Al_Bayt with Egyptian families from everywhere sit on them.


Fast breaking in Al Al_ Bayt has "another taste"...this is how everyone ,who used to breakfast his fast in such a spiritual atmosphere,thinks. This spiritual atmosphere is what they believe represents the month of Ramadan in all its expressions.Therefore many Egyptian families gathered in front of Al-Hussein mosque, whose lights added enchanting beauty to the site,for fast breaking in that distinctive atmosphere and to catch and save moments and memories to remember later.