Frequented by tens of thousands of Egyptians and foreigners

Taraweeh prayer in Amr Ibn Al-Aas .. Spirituals befitting Africa's oldest mosque

Once you hear the call to Maghrib prayer in Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque , which is the oldest mosque built in Egypt and even the African continent, you find thousands of prayers ,who came from every direction, to queue behind the imam whose voice is beautiful ,holds a chaplet , behind him rows of human beings stood side by side, such as the mosque's columns that exceeded 300 columns which do not shake. This prayer is called "Taraweeh" which is periods of relaxing because among every four bows there is a rest .


Anciently , they said Cairo had a thousand historical minarets, and today it is teeming with tens of thousands of huge mosques. However, Amr Ibn Al Aas mosque was and still has a special status that doesn't compete with any of those ancient mosques. As the month of Ramadan begins each year, the mosque teems with thousands of worshippers and on the night of fate , it fills with tens of thousands of them.

Amr Ibn Al-Aas mosque was built more than 1378 years ago,on November 8, 641 A.D. In the time of the Companion " Amr Ibn Al-Aas" after Egypt's conquest in Muharram of the year the 20th  of the  Hegira, in the historic city of fustat in downtown Cairo, which was then the islamic capital of the country and the remaining monument of the city, an area of about 13,000 square meters, and It has six doors, and several platforms and more than a wooden kiblah.

What distinguishes the mosque are these non Egyptian faces for scholars of Islamic countries. There are Envoys from Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and east Asian states, as well as envoys from African states, who came in love with the companion Amr Ibn Al-Aas. The mosque is filled with calm and serenity during the "Taraweeh prayer" Most of it in recitation of the Koran and praying to God for forgiveness and mercy waiting for the night of destiny which is the night of the 27th of Ramadan.