They raise a motto no betrayal

" How animals love " .. The arts of love, spinning, foreplay and jealousy

" And there is no animal that walks upon the earth nor a bird that flies with its two wings but (they are) genera like yourselves"; (38 - Al-an'am) , To affirm that all creatures on earth are nations like humans, living and dying, eating and drinking, working and strive,Hates and loves, that is, they enjoy the full social life that humans enjoy.


Did you know that animals mastered the art of spinning more than many humans did? Did you know it exchanged gifts? , You know it's can love from the  first sight ?, Especially during the mating season, the amazing information provided by the world fund for the protection of nature (WCF) confirms that gift art is a Lovely art of more animals.

Yes, animals love, even live and breathe this love, and not just mate and bear it, when male admiring a female , it stays up all night thinking about grooming her, winning her emotions in the colors of chast it spinning, and sometimes it dances for her, From time to time, it plays the sweetest of tunes, sending her a message of love through the air, a message laden with ostentatious fragrances and appealing smells.

Do you think meeting animal lovers in their eternal nest suddenly happens, that particular point that made everyone realize that love in the animal world That are classy from some humans, There's a psychological and romantic setting going on before this meeting.. It's a constant in "ethnography" that it is impossible for a male to infect his female without her consent. Animals don't think about sex just for the purpose of mating, so we see them flirting and showing off their best to win the female heart,And to respond to nature's call in mating times , Except these times, life is normal among them, so you won't find any provocation in animals. But unfortunately it became a phenomenon of human beings, If the animal community were aware of those qualities we call the harassers, they would have declared war on us.

"The art of flirting" They laughed at us saying that "man is a talking animal" , Or "man is an intellectual animal," or "man is an animal that learns from his experiences." .. In time, we discovered that "man does not rise to be an animal." We affirm that animals do not commit harassment and rape , Those who observe the animal behavior of their families will be well aware of the magnitude of those feelings in an art that we, the human community, claim to possess - the art of flirting and unpracticed love.

Did you know that animals don't grope their females for entertainment? That's not a question that needs an answer, But the bottom line of "ethiology" research is that the term "harassment" does not exist at all in animal custom, But there are, of course, courtship rituals for the purpose of "mating", rituals whose standards are not understood by most male humans, and mating males display their skills and beauty To win their females.

As in some humans, some animals are despicable, some of them look at other males, such as beetles, which one male might oppose another's wife, kidnap her , If the wife is chaste, she refuses to treat him and resists with all her efforts, until her husband comes and pays her to oppose the criminal male , Not only does it let her husband fight but it  helps him, and a ladybug wife can be playful, responds to the temptations and inconveniences of strangers, and goes with them . It abandons her husband, which burns the fire of jealousy in the deceived husband, ignites outrage at that despicable infidelity, insists on vengeance, and thus spins violent battles , If the beetle's husband has taken on a mistress and betrayed his original wife, the wife commits suicide and dies.

What about jealousy, it was natural for animals and birds to be jealous, as scientists have confirmed that birds are jealous of each other, They also feel the owner's love for them and, what is more, that the distinction between birds through foreplay or attention arouses jealousy among birds, Chimpanzees are also one of the most jealous animals of a partner, and even become as aggressive as a human being when his or her life partner is suspected of being unfaithful, The study conducted between 1993 and 2004 at the kibali national park in western Uganda was shown , There is a notable similarity between the behaviour of chimpanzees and men, many of whom either mutilate their partners, or take them out of their lives on suspicion of treason.