Contains 62 dive place

"Red Sea".. A colony of coral reefs that attract 100,000 annually

"Between flocks of dolphins that are unique.. Amid the coral colonies that decorate its depths.. When hiding the rare Mermaid on their eyes..  Enjoys tens of thousands from divers".. So many of the pioneers of scuba diving in Red Sea was expressed, which they saw as one of three most important dive places in world.


Managing natural reserves had declared their map of main dive places in Red Sea, skipped 62 places includes reefs, aged up to millions of years, coral reef and rare mermaid named "Dogng" in Mursi Alam, able to attract more than 100,000 diver around the world. For more than 65 years in Red Sea started attracting amateur diving around the world, looking for treasures of different depth, there are in Northern some natural Islands containing 14 diving places, as "Angesh, Abo El-Nahas, Chabrur Seoul, Seoul Al-Kaber, Seoul Al-Sagher, Umm Jaafar, Abo Nuker, Abo Glawa and etc…, here`s a guide to the most important places of diving in Red Sea.

Ras Mohammed Reserve


Located around 12 km only from Sharm El-Sheikh, featuring a marine environment make divers feel all kinds of fish in one place, in addition to spread of coral, Yolanda reefs and sharks.

Tiran strait


Vicinity area of Sharm Al-Sheikh featuring with a massive a mounts of coral reefs, that grow in abundance, because of the strong currents there, what attracts huge number of sharks with hammerhead and grey sharks.



One of the most famous dive places in Red Sea, this name has been known as a result of the wreck to the sunken ship "Thistlegorm", which sank by a German attack in 1941, while travelling to Alexandria, coming from Glasgow, settled their contents at the bottom of ocean, divers can use lamps to see inside the wreckage, if they were lucky, would found a rare crocodiles fish.

Brothers Island


That island mentioned by French oceanographer "Jacques Cousteau" in his book Silent World, featuring Big Brother and Younger Brother Islands with special crystal water and coral NET, in addition to wrecks of two sunken, namely Aida and Numidia, what made the islands an attractive place for fans of underwater photography.

Vinston reefs


Located on Mursi Alam, diving amateur can in that area to swim with dolphins, see sharks of type Tiger, hammerhead and white shark, whose lives in oceans.

Abo Dabbab


Can see marine turtles in Mursi Alam, a large marine animal known as "Dogong", live only two of this animal in Abo Dabbab compare with somewhere else, so enjoy special protection because they are threatened with extinction.

Dolphin's house


Famous for that area in Mursi Alam with Dolphin pools, meaning that diving amateur will be able to swim and snorkel, using breathing tube in the coral reef.

Gfton Island


"Gfton" includes 14 of the most beautiful dive places in Hurghada; it also includes a huge collection of marine neighborhoods, the most important fish, Barracuda and Tuna at all.

Three Pools


The best dive places for beginners in Dahab, because it contains 3 swimming pools-water natural, those pools formed by rocks and coral reefs, it`s depth from 5 and 20 meters.


There are also dozens of places for diving in Red Sea, as Ras Abo Galot, with rare coral reefs, canyon, with colorful fish, Carnatic wreck, and other places scattered from North to South.