Surrounded from all sides by salt lakes and olive groves

Adrère Amellal .. The world’s unique and most attractive eco-lodge

"Why did Prince Charles and his wife Camilla pay more than 30 thousand Egyptian pounds to spend one night in a hotel in the middle of the desert? Is this room worth £ 1420? What did they find in this location completely isolated from the world?" These were headlines in British newspapers regarding a visit made by the prince and the Duchess, in Egypt, in March 2006, about choosing an isolated lodge in the heart of Western Sahara.


The Daily Mail published those intriguing questions and beyond upon coming to Egypt in search for answers. That is when they decided to travel to one of the most isolated deserts of the world. A whole 800 kilometers from Cairo right in the heart of the Western Sahara and 300 kilometers away from the shores of the Mediterranean yet close enough to the Libyan borders, was a genuine surprise awaiting the DM reporters. This is what they found and what gave them no choice but to classify this lodge that hosted the British prince and his wife as one of the world’s most unique and most beautiful lodges.

"An Oasis of Calm”. A haven of rocks and environmental sands .. White mountain brings us back to nature and nature." The initial words published by the British newspaper, in the middle of the desert of Siwa, an oasis like Paradise, an oasis where the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall spent a full night, an oasis unheard of One, even the Egyptians themselves have never heard of, an oasis that can be called the "lost paradise of Egypt," though it is just a "Khan" or a lodge.

A single trip to this lodge leads you to appreciate how this genuinely is a lost paradise. Adrère Amellal, or the White Mountain, in the Amazigh language, is one of the most unique and most isolated lodges in the world. Yet, it is one of the most beautiful desert lodges. It lacks every facility of modern life such as power, phones, various technological means yet it provides every measure towards full relaxation from candle lights to lanterns thus creating romantic atmosphere.

What is further amazing is that the Adrère Amellal resort is surrounded from all sides by seven salt lakes with palm trees embracing them just as bracelets embrace the wrist. All of its walls were fully constructed from Siwan mud and clay famously known as the “Kershef”. This is a type of mud encased salt scientifically proven to be an efficiently heat insulting construction material, used by local construction builders in Siwa over thousands of years. Perhaps this is what made Adrère Amellal a cool oasis the scorching heat of the Egyptian desert.

What is more interesting is that the small lodge hosts a whole of forty rooms all built from the same Kershef. In order to ensure efficient heat absorption all doors, windows and fixtures were manufactured from olive wood with a mix of Siwan clay. However, ceilings were built using palm trees which prohibits the loss of heat during the day once the doors are opened. Then on the other hand at night, these ceilings actually redirect the heat inwards to heat the dooms and avoid the harsh desert cold. The resort is surrounded by salt rock walls shadowed by several palm trees.

The Mail reports that the most important thing in the world's most exotic hotels is its complete reliance on the hotel's organic farm. Even chefs of the various restaurants rely on vegetables and fruit harvested directly from the hotel's garden patch.