French began established in 1832

"Garden plant trials".. put Algeria within the most beautiful gardens of the world

"Garden plant trials".. Described as one of the most beautiful 5 gardens in the world, so it got first place Africa and third world, preparing the celebration of its 186, as panned by the French occupiers in 1832, contains more than 3000 type very old of plants and trees, so the most dating back more than 170 years ago, is also contains some rare and unique plants, imported from different countries of the world.


It was located in Algiers, with an area of approximately to 320 square meters, contains the most types and plants species, the rarest in the world, 25 type of palm trees, the Washingtonian tree which height of 30 meters, dating back to 100 years ago, Palmetto type Palm trees, the ancient Bilis trees which height 30 meters, in addition to Camphor trees, Bamboo plant, Chinese Ginkgo trees, and another rare types.

Garden idea came when the French Pierre Gntil De Bussy, governor of Algiers on that time, and General Antoine Avisard, Algerian colony provisional ruling, decided to remove the marshes below the foot of the Arkidz Hill, to create a Garden plant trial on brighten 12 acres and was more space to become 44 acres as second stage in 1837, imported by European setters for the rare trees seeds.

French "August Hardy" was appointed as manager of the Garden in 1842; the garden was expansion during the period from 1848 to 1867, until added a zoo in 1900, the French leader Napoleon Bonaparte III was visit it during his trip to Algeria.

On the 7th of January in 1938, Garden plant trials fame gained in Algeria, Us legend "Russ Lederman" decided to photographing a work written by "Lee Johnson", to film "Tarzan" most popular adventure in Garden, with the participation of world swimming star "Eleanor Reid", and Olympic Athletics star "Glenn Morris".