Algeria has 100 pyramids

"Algeria`s pyramids".. Tombs of the Amazigh endangered pie at stake

When talking about pyramids come to mind Egyptian pyramids that stand tall for thousands of years of Egyptian civilization witness, we`re having a new pyramids that the black pharaohs built in Nubia, or the follower to Mayan and Aztec civilization on Central America and Mexico, but this time we having pyramids didn`t get any famous at all, though they strike at the roots of history tens of centuries.


"Algeria`s pyramids".. The circular pyramids spread along the Algerian coast states, that though they differ in form and size of Egyptian counterpart, Algeria embracing 100 pyramids still rely on shade, even total of Algerians don`t know anything about the most, many of them are prone to vandalism and theft, but many of them deterioration and damage, although it reflects the power of an ancient civilization.

A quick look at artifact Algeria map will make us realize how large and spread those circular pyramids, where located in Tipaza and Batna areas, down to the two pyramids in tavenh valley in Tlemcen, and 13 pyramids in Frenda Suburb of Tiaret, historians and archaeologists have confirmed that the circular pyramids belonged to the age before the birth of Christ Jesus, if the West kings on top of kingdoms and scattered principalities, and it`s archaeologies and parameters of those Amazigh, the wonder wall pyramids hiding many secrets and symbols, didn`t reach any secrets of national, international historians and researchers.

As for the pyramids it selves, most concentrated and most notably in "Tiaret", where there are 13 pyramids called the wall, funerary, shrines looks to great kings, the Amazigh Mamluks ruled before founding masiniia king of Numidia Kingdom, stop tall on some 30Km from Tiaret city, consist of two far apart from each other by about 6 Km, in Kheder mountain there 3 pyramids, there is 10 other classified square base ranging between 12 and 16 meters , high up to 18 meters in Araui mount, most caves are steeped in 5 municipalities, in Randa, Tiaret, While the cave where the marker Abdul Rahman Ibn Khaldon wrote, a famous quote.

There are other pyramids also, as a pyramid of the Numidian "Imedhassen", located in "Bumia" city of Batna, back to constructive 3rd century BC, pyramid mausoleum for Mauritian Numidian king, located in Sidi Rashid of Tipaza, mausoleum of Siva in Sokhna Mountain, in Tavenh Valley of the Numidian king Syphax, mausoleum of Numidian "Borgo" named Henshir rock Borgo, was built in the fourth century BC, and mausoleum of Tin Han authentic Tuareg tribes Queen, in the Abalisa area in the Hoggar region of Tamanrasset on the south, it was constructed for 5 centuries BC, situated at a height of more than 850 meters.

As we said before, the Algeria`s pyramids are radically different from any pyramids ever built in any previous civilization, they are rectangular aren`t square as the Egyptian pyramids, as the Egyptian pyramids stand tall with great height and triangular shape, while Algeria`s pyramids less lengths and look in court as the domes of mosques, share being stronger shapes that absorbs energy, Algeria`s pyramid includes many corridors and rooms, every rooms has it`s characteristics, built by the stars position, seen in Frenda, and accounts have been according to the position of the starts, because the last one has an effect on the planet.