British traveler monitors Egypt`s oldest places of hospitality to tourists since 175 years ago.

The oldest Arab Egypt`s Hotels (Part II)

During the last 1000 years, Cairo received the most important status as capital of the state of Egypt, so had the oldest and the most beautiful areas at all, "Shepheard" Hotel the most important, this hotel that recently celebrated its 176 established, Kavalalı Mohammed Ali Pasha who opened in 1841, firstly, built on Republic st, overlooks the gardens of Al-azebakih, but was exposed to destruction in a fire in Cairo, it was the tittle of Excellency befits worldwide, the Ambassador of Belgium in Berlin Baron "Denotonia", who visited Egypt at the end of 19th century, "I doubt very much whether there is in one of the European capitals by available hotel amenities and entertainment, like I got in "Shepheard" Hotel, overlooking Cairo Nile.


The story of first building hotel back to Mr. Samuel Shepheard, when attending Cairo to find a piece of land occupied by his new hotel, chosen at the old  overlooking lake Al-azebakih on Cairo in 1941, the old palace was demolished and used French campaign in Egypt, where headquarters of the leaders of the French troops, public leadership center at "Kléber" era, continue until Kléber killed by Suleiman El-Halaby, in the palace garden, hotel was opened at the end of 1841 and then knew "New English Hotel" name, this name lasted until 1845, when named "Shepheard Hotel".

There should be an ancient hotel right next to the Pyramids, "Andrew Humphreys" in his book, that`s what he said, so " Mina House" Hotel came, which preparing for over 150 years to its established, where Khedive Ismail opened in 1869, meet the desire of Empress Eugenie, France Empress whose Khedive love, under shadow of Pyramids, set amidst 40 acres of beautiful jasmine gardens, only hotel located near one of the seven wonders of the world, perhaps that explains why fondness adventurers and travelers in the 19th century, Mina House Hotel, it has described the British author Evelyn Waugh saying is very large and very luxury.

Zamalek island, amid the Nile, especially in one of Cairo`s islands which have not had on, Khedive Ismail ordered commissioned German architect "Julius Franz" in the design and construction of Castle Island, known as " Marriott", in cooperation with renowned architect " De Corel Del Russo", who designed the Abden Palace, the construction lasted 5 years, opened by the Empress Eugenie in 1868, so it came with similar models residence in "Toiori" palace, with addition of an Islamic architectural style character through the use made of marble designs, in addition to windows and balconies made of diwaniyeh method, then the French landscape architect "Barrier De Champ", converted the island into a vast park, either the internal decoration and ornaments the palace came from Paris, the German Interior Design engineer "Carl Wilhelm Von Dibich" manufacture in his work shop in Berlin.

Many of us don`t know that Federal Palace mansion in Egypt, it was built since from 110 years ago, it was called Heliopolis Palace when opened in 1910, and some people called it " Grand" Hotel, designed by Belgian architect " Ernest Gaspar", it was built by the construction companies were the biggest in Egypt at that time, "Liu Rollin & co" and "Padova Dintamaro Ferro" Companies, and Miss Siemens & Shubert Company in Berlin electrical connections and equipment provided, so take it from luxurious hotels that time, attracted to him the most popular gusts, as "Milton Hershey", founder and owner of Hershey chocolate company of the famous American, "John Pierpont Morgan", the founder US economic American "J. P. Morgan" group, "King Albert I", Belgian King, and his wife " Queen Elizabeth De Bavaria".

"Andrew Humphreys" don`t forget in his book a large number of hotels with history in Cairo, "Continental Savoy" Hotel of course on the head, built in the field of Opera in 1869,  Lawrence had spent on it in 1914, and the old "Semiramis' Hotel, which celebrated its centennial, it was built early in the 20th century.


Luxor & Aswan Hotels.


"Great Egypt Hotels: The golden age of tourism" book, it was normal to dedicate, a full chapter in Luxor and Aswan hotels, "Taybeh", the capital of the ancient pharaohs, this city that contains of two-thirds of archeological world, " Winter Place", the first those hotels in Luxor, was built in 1886, south of Luxor Temple, it was situated amid the most important temples of history is an important factor in choosing a popular world character to be gust in it,  King Farouk, king of Egypt and Sudan, on the head, had his own Royal Suite, the French President "Georges Clemenceau", and, of course , "Lord Carnarvon", he is a collector of antiques and explore the Egyptian archeological, "Howard Carter" his friend, discover of " Tut Ankh Ammon" cemetery in 1922, and "Agatha Christie" the English writer, where wrote her famous novel "Death On The Nile".

"Elephantine" Island, near of the one most beautiful Egyptian temples, come to light in Khedive Abbas Helmi II era in 1899, "Thomas Cook" Company had designed, the target was built initially linked to the implementation of national projects, extension of the railway line and the construction of the Aswan Dam projects on the head, but the hotel is turning into one of the most beautiful and finest hotels in the world, the most popular guests was Russian Czar "Nicolas II", French President " François Mitterrand", "Howard Carter" discover of " Tut Ankh Ammon" cemetery, 48 Imam of Ismaili community, Sultan Muhammad Shah "Aga Khan III", "Margret Touchier", the Italian Prime Minister, Princess of Wales, " Princess Diana" wife of Crown Prince, "Queen Noor", Jordan King`s wife, and "Agatha Christie" the most popular British novelist writer, which put parts of her novel " Death On The Nile" at that hotel.