Including140 rare plant species

Valley of camels: A preserve robbed Bashariya and Ababda their lost beauty

Valley of camels; Pure blue water, Clear sky, Symmetrical heights,Together drew an incomparable creative painting .The ancient pharaohs and Romans showed a special interest in that valley.Although our ancestors seem to have a special interest in that region for its precious minerals such as gold and pyramid emerald, their grandchildren do not have that awareness , and it was declared a preserve only in 2003.

In the southeast forty 40 kilometers away from Marsa Alam, with a distinctive view of the red sea coast ,an area of about  6770 kilometers  including 4770 in the mountains,While 2,000 kilometers by sea from the north where the coral reefs are to the south where the plate reefs are , and  " valley of the camels" stands as a witness to the true beauty of  guarded Egypt.

"Valley of camels" is named according to the plants that camels like the most ,So we  see them sneaking around their herders and go to eat  those plants,The bashariya and Ababda used to go to the valley of camels to look for their roaming camels,  That's why they called it the valley of "lost camels" or "strange camels", because they often found camels that they didn't know their owners,every camel owner had to put on his camel his address and special mark to recognize it easily among the herds of camels in the valley .

Arab considered camels as a symbol of wealth, and unparalleled pride so they called this valley "valley of the money".Its original inhabitants inhabited it  thousands of years ago ,  Bashariya and Ababda were the first to live there,So for being in this area long ago , they formed the first line of defense to defend Egypt's eastern side against any attack.

Bedouins built some iron, wooden, and plastic huts at the entrance of the valley,Many of them still work as goat herders,some are selling handmade beads and leather products to tourists and egyptians who visit the valley,and some work as tour guides for camp and safari  lovers to enjoy desert and nomadic life.

On your the way to the preserve,  you see some endangered animals and birds hover around you.Once you reach the preserve, Many of these tribes will meet you with great hospitality,and they serve their famous coffee,then they have cheese and a kind of bread baked into the sand called bagouri with you.

 The valley has the most  of the beaches where fish and rare marine animals, including dolphins, sharks of all kinds, birds and sea turtles found in the marine preserve breed .In addition to the  rare mermaid, which tourists from all over the world come to see during  their diving trips, and  it is sometimes called the sea cow.

Al Qalaan Beach is considered the most beautiful beach ;the overlap of water with the mangrove plant gives a wonderful view that attracts young people to spend a good time in an pristine quiet land.Once you step on the beach, your attention is drawn to the many holes that spread along it , but when you try to find out what is inside these holes ,you will find only the eggs of the sea turtles left by their females to hatch,This gives you an impression of how many turtles breed on the shores of the valley .

The natural and climatic conditions that characterize the "valley of camels" make it a suitable place for the stability of many species of birds,where 5338 species of sea birds were observed including the gull  and the kernel gull,The crowned martin, and the white-faced martin ,  many nests of the  hawks and the rare endangered sunset eagles,the preserve has about 10% of the number of sunset eagles existed in the world,Its nests are found either on salty shrubs that grow on the surface of the island or in the small caves on the eastern side of the valley, which is characterized by its rocky nature.

A group of the rarest animals like the nubian ibex, and the mountain goat "ibex noviana", who keeps himself from extinction by ascending to distant and high places,To protect itself from the snare that bedouins set for hunting it , zebras and  the hyrax too. The coral reefs that exist along the coast are about 17% of Marine life in the red sea,they look like submerged islands in the middle of the sea, and they still retain their pristine nature,these coral reefs are characterized by having 450 species of coral and more than 1200 species of fish,the mangrove forests also stretches along the coasts of the region which is the largest and  the most important mangrove forest in Egypt, and it is a unique, highly sensitive environment that is very rare in the country and includes more than 140 species of rare plants.

The area is characterized by geological structure rich in precious metals, such as pyramid emerald which attracted the Pharaohs and Romans to the region to dig it up,The valley of camels and the nearby skeet valley were the only sources of emerald stone of the Roman empire,there are also ornamental stones, feldspar, lead and manganese in the valley.

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