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Photo by: Norhan Al Fayed 26 Feb

"Ashri Narti".... The paradise of Nubia and the island of beauty

It was a summer night in 2015 , when the young man stood to meditate the nature of that charming village, this was his first visit to the village, there he felt it's pristine nature and the magic of its immortal heritage, he heard his ancestors voice calling him to build a guesthouse for the

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Egyptian Geographic 26 Feb

"Morgan Freman".. searching for god in the Nile valley

In October 2015, the international actor "Morgan Freman" visited Egypt on a five-day business trip to film a documentary called "The Story Of God", which produced by the american channel for documentary films "National Geographic". This is a photo of Morgan

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Photo by: Muhammad Sharaf 26 Feb

The White gold.. Egyptian farmer's day

"The farmer has a decent life and pleased heart... for him having good time with his friends is the most beautiful feeling ever.. whatever happens he never complains..all he cares about is to have the ones he loves around, people who abandoned the country to live in big cities will soon regret

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Translated by: Amira Abd El Basset- Photo by Muhammad Abd El Rahman 26 Feb

175 images make the stars movement in Wadi El Hitan

Have you ever observed the stellar movement with your bared eye?, I know it's almost impossible inside Cairo,but it would be wonderful to try it through the whale valley sky, That preserve which is about 170 kilometers away from Cairo in Fayoum Governorate where you can see millions of stars

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