The king of cotton was the primary to show her leadership

Abbasia Farghali: first Arab woman obtained Driver licence in 1920

She was born in Assiut governorate at the start of the 20 the century, specifically within the city of Abu Tig, and despite the strength and cruelty of that society in Upper Egypt for ladies, she had a special status. She was ready to complete her education in major foreign schools, then moved to Alexandria Governorate to Live in it alone, to complete her studies, including To variety of European countries like England and France.


Abbasia Ahmed Farghali, that's her name, is that Egyptian woman who, quite 100 years ago, managed to get first Driver licence for an Arab woman, and maybe within the entire developing world, as she was able to obtain a driver's license in France on July 24, 1920, Then it got its license in Egypt in 1928.


The affluent legal status of "Abbasiya Farghali" contributed to the formation of her character within the world of driving cars, as her father was one amongst the most important merchants within the south of the valley, and her older brother, Muhammad Farghali Pasha, the owner of Farghali Company, the most important and most successful cotton company within the history of Egypt, what qualified him to become king of Cotton, which family had an open mind, most in order that they helped,  Their daughter obtained a license at a time when a woman's voice was loins, becoming the primary Egyptian to get a license.

The story began at the start of the second decade of the 20th century, when that small girl was dazzled by the machine that her father wont to move between the green fields, Whenever he went out of the house, she asked him to she require it with him, to see the fields and folks walking on the coast of the canal from its window, She revealed the dream that she had, that she would drive that machine by herself, in order that her brother "Muhammad" would teach her the art of driving, then she decided later to maneuver to a different governorate outside Upper Egypt, to drive her car freely far from closed communities.


In the middle of the primary decade of the second century, "Abbasia Farghali" moved to the governorate of Alexandria, to enroll within the French Jesuit school, then joined the University of Victoria College, to travel from it to England, and ended up settling down together with her brother in France, and there she obtained a permit on July 24 1920, to return to Egypt and exercise her legitimate right to drive freely, before obtaining her Egyptian license in 1928.