Science and Research

written by: Yasmin Emad 28 Mar

NASA Hosts 800 Students to Explore the International Space Station

"Here at the International Space Station, we hear you clearly." At Virginia Air & Space Center IMAX Theater in Hampton, Virginia, European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Alexander Gerst responded to Pamela Northam, the first lady of Virginia, who were saying, "It's Langley

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written by: Yasmin Emad 26 Mar

"Columbia" ..The 3rd millennium's Space Disaster

It has been 15 years since the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia. However, scientists have been unable to provide compelling evidence of the causes that lead to the disintegration of Columbia after it had lost connection with the Earth station on February 1, 2003. Space Shuttle

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Wrote by: Tahany Abd Al-Salam - Translated by: Shireen Medhat 08 Mar

"Egyptian Geographic" observed 12 astronauts story walked on the Moonscape

"This is just one small step for man; it is a big step for mankind".. Those words US Astronaut Neil Armstrong's described his first step on the Moonscape that was the reason he entered history, as the first man walking on it in 2:56 GMT, 21 July 1969. After 49 years on those

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Written by: Yasmin Emad 06 Mar

Fifty Egyptian Scientists in Dialogue with Cancer under the Slogan "Friendship is The Solution"

The last thing a cancer, rheumatoid, or any other incurable disease patient can imagine is that the first step of treatment is to make a dialogue with the cells of the disease itself! These are the findings of an Egyptian medical team in the Department of Radiology and Biophysics at the

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Written by: Tahany Abdel Salam - Translated by: Alaa Fathy Muahmmad 17 Feb

Three Egyptians Invent “Surgical Glasses” to Help Surgeons in the Operation Rooms

At a time like this when medical errors have increased to reach unprecedented rates, as some forensic medical reports indicate that, yearly, up to 10 thousand victims die due to negligence and medical errors within the operating room, a team of young inventors have made the first actual invention

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