Report by: Egyptian Geographic, Translated by : R kamel 24 Oct

The Khedive Center: a Canadian heritage center that's keen on the Egyptian experience

How can we know that this state is robust ?, quite simply, when its influence exceeds the border walls, why not, which influence has crossed a barrier beyond the ocean, this is often how the Egyptian state was within the recent past, specifically within the era of the Khedivial Renaissance, which

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Report By: Egyptian Geographic,Translated By: R kamel 24 Oct

The Llama: the animal that spits within the face of these who make it angry

When an animal gets angry, expect anything from it, a kick with one in all its feet, a painful bite with its killer teeth, or maybe a bite from its cruel head, but to work out an animal when it gets angry spits the face of its rioters and spits it with the utmost precision, as if it were a base for

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Egyptian Geographic 11 Oct

‏Lighting Cairo Tower in green to raise awareness about mental illness

World Mental Health Day comes this year under exceptional circumstances on the global and local levels. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the daily lives of people around the world and it has placed a new burden on healthcare, and with mental health patients already suffering from social isolation,

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Written by : Mostapha Abd El-Salam, Translated by: R Kamel 11 Oct

Taj Mahal: a symbol of love that has become the most important of the Seven Wonders of the World

"A tear on the cheek of time" .. With this phrase, the Nobel Prize-winning Indian poet, "Rabindranath Tagore" within the early twentieth century described the monument, which has been standing for 370 years as a witness that some love stories don't perish through time, but

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written by: Tahani AbdulSalam, Translated by: R kamel 08 Oct

Giza Zoo: the third oldest within the world and the first in Africa

Inside the cage of monkeys, Samia, those monkeys that came from the "Congo forests", awakened early, not usual, then hurried to wake her sons "Joe" and "Nadia" saying: "Come on, my children, wake up, today is that the Spring Festival.. Come on until You see the

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