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Dr. Shaima Abbas Larry 26 Jul

The Post COVID-19 Era

In my 4 years of experience in occupational medicine, I have not seen organizations as concerned while acting reactively, even with previous infectious outbreaks of SARS and Swine Flu epidemic. Unprecedented disturbance of the global health and development has been noticed since the COVID-19

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Written by: Mohamed Abdel Salam 19 Oct

Video: Why do the Crows establish funerals marked by loud and loud noises?

Crows are one of the few animals to show a social reaction to the death of individuals of their kind along with dolphins and elephants Although their cravings may seem like crying out of psychological pain, these funerals are not about mourning the dead of their friends but about learning from

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Prof. Mohamed Zahran 16 Mar

History of Science in Egypt

I have always been fascinated by the history of science and the life of scientists and mathematicians. It is always a source of inspiration to me. Sometimes, I even read a biography and autobiography, if available, about the same scientist to see him/her from different perspectives. At the

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Dr. Zahi Hawass 03 Mar

The Egyptian Museum.. an Undiscovered Store Full of Secrets

In the first edition of ‘The Egyptian Geographic’, I wanted to talk about the secrets of the Egyptian civilization or the Egypt that we do not really know about but I found it necessary to firstly shed the light on the museum that contains the secrets of the Pharaohs. Every time

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Wrote: Dr. Hany Al-Nazer Writes: 03 Mar

Medical tourism.. Egypt's Lost Treasure

Thousands of years ago, our Pharaoh ancestors believed that man would be resurrected after dying and become an immortal. That is why they were very careful in preserving the bodies of the dead which led to them coming up with the science of embalming, the science through which they wanted to

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