Report - Islam Fathy Saad, Translated by: R kamel 19 Sep

Insects: kingdoms defeated extinction 435 million years ago (Part 2)

Since the insect world is of such magnitude that we mentioned within the first part, and influences during this way, and even is plagued by man, providing his services and leaving harms, it absolutely was necessary to devote a science to the study of those microorganisms, so entomology came to

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Report - Islam Fathy Saad, Translated by: R kamel 14 Sep

Insects: kingdoms defeated extinction 435 million years ago (part 1)

More than 435 million years ago, and about 433 million years before the looks of man on Earth, insects appeared on the surface of our planet, becoming one in every of the oldest living creatures on Earth, tens and hundreds or perhaps thousands of species and species, considered the most important

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Wrote by Mustafa Abdeslam, Translated by : Rkamel 15 Aug

"jackal".. The wolf that was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians 6, 000 years ago

A ferocious, sharp-tempered animal attracted by the smell of carcass, he even described the tombs, his association with the planet of the dead and his arrival of the rotten corpses linked his name to the globe of legends, which made the traditional Egyptian sanctify him and lift him to the best

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Wrote by: Marwa Raslan and Translation by: R kamel 27 Jul

"Jabal Elba”.. an oasis within the south

In the extreme south of the Eastern Desert, specifically within the eastern a part of the Halayeb Triangle and Shalateen, and on a vicinity of more than 35 thousand square kilometers, one in all the foremost beautiful natural reserves in Egypt is found, for its land history blends with nature with

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Wrote By: R kamel 21 Jul

Wildlife in Egypt.. Mammals and birds and reptiles

some might imagine that the wildlife in Egypt is poor, because it doesn't have a dense vegetation environment, and there aren't any tree forests on its land, but the truth confirms that Egypt is one among the foremost rich countries within the world in its wildlife, where there are many

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