15 years of mystery

"Columbia" ..The 3rd millennium's Space Disaster

It has been 15 years since the destruction of Space Shuttle Columbia. However, scientists have been unable to provide compelling evidence of the causes that lead to the disintegration of Columbia after it had lost connection with the Earth station on February 1, 2003.


Space Shuttle Columbia, the oldest US space shuttle, was on its 28th mission, with seven crewmembers on board. The mission, which took 16 days, was for physics and life sciences research purposes.

The seven crew members were: Rick Husband, Commander; William C. McCool, Pilot; Michael P. Anderson, Payload Commander/Mission Specialist 3; David M. Brown, Mission Specialist 1; Kalpana Chawla, Mission Specialist and the first female Indian astronaut 2; Laurel Clark, Mission Specialist 4; and Ilan Ramon, Payload Specialist and a representative of the Israel Space Agency.


Investigators from FBI and NASA had found more than 2,000 debris fields in sparsely populated areas, particularly in East Texas, western Arkansas, and parts of Louisiana, as well as fields in South Fort Worth and Hemphill.

Paradoxically, some details of the recovery of the crewmembers remains had not been mentioned in the official NASA report. However, some eyewitnesses reported that some remains of the crewmembers had been recovered, and a human heart and femur had been found.

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