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Report by: Egyptian Geographic, Translated by: R kamel 07 Sep

Egypt's Dinosaurs: the 7 largest organisms that lived within the Nile Valley 40 million years ago

One day, quite 100 million years ago, dinosaurs, the most important inhabited land in history, lived within the Nile Valley, specifically within the Faiyum and Beni Suef region, which was considered the shore of a large sea called the "Tethys Ocean", from which only the sea remained.

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Written by : Marwa Raslan, Translate by: R kamel 04 Aug

Scientific study: The post-Corona world is more sophisticated with artificial intelligence

“The post-Corona world is also more developed ... more obsessed with computer science.” With those words that will seem simple, Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Zahir, a pioneer of computing journalism and a researcher at the Institute of computer science Journalism, started his scientific study,

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Written by : Mohamed Abdel Salam, Translate by: R kamel 02 Aug

Scientific studies: The disappearance of viruses threatens to destroy humanity in 48 hours

"Did you recognize that the disappearance of viruses from the world earth means an individual will die after but 48 hours?" .. you will be surprised after hearing this information, but it's the reality that several people might not know, for these viruses that always cause terror and

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Mohamed Mounir 28 May

Human Cell factories, a lecture title that Mohammed bin Zayed attended

Nina Tandon, CEO, and co-founder of EpiBone, the world’s first company growing living human bones for skeletal reconstruction, told a lecture hosted at the Majlis Mohamed bin Zayed. The lecture, titled Cellular Ateliers: Regenerative Medicine and the Body Shop of the Future, was held at

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written by: Marwa Raslan- Translated by: Shireen Medhat 30 Mar

Inhabitants of Earth are preparing to hide the moon by 4 natural disasters

"How will the Earth`s inhabitants will live without moon".. Just a question may be utopian for space scientists, especially since all the studies and researches provided by NASA, demonstrated that the lunar orbit moves away from Earth, a distance of approximately 4 cm annually, what

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