Hunters killed 100,000 in less than 10 years

"African elephant".. bird friend and water lover threatened with extinction

"Lovelace giant forest".. that was the wildlife scientist describe it, despite the magnitude of his body that made him like it, populated by sensitive and gentleness, even  sobbed just seen another animal injured sometimes, never accept that set his foot on a small animal, carried with his strong hose when saw it, to put it in a side gentleness and continues quietly.  The British "John Edward Gray" the most a zoologist popular was composed it as elephants in 1821, scientists to revise the elephants to include or exclude other species extinct, as "Mammoth".


The African elephant is characterized according to the difference of its kind; there are African forest elephant, woods elephant or what it`s called "Savannah elephant", African elephant is distinct from others, Indian elephant especially, it`s bigger, it`s ears that resemble the larger African continent, had sloping back, reverse Indian elephant whose had convex back.

Despite African elephant are characterized by innocence and gentleness but most formidable so didn`t easily trained, it didn`t attract attention in training as Indian elephant, present in most parts of the African continent, especially in the South of the Sahara desert and rain forests in Central and West Africa, the average age up to 70 years in the wild, its length between 2,5 to 4 m and weighed between 2268 and 6350kg.

Female African elephant live in herds composed of females' and youngsters, however, male tends to wander alone, female pregnancy up to 22 months, considered that period the longest pregnancy among all creatures, a small one to give birth as usual, and the female gives birth once from 2 to 4 years, little elephant weight about 90km and up to 1 m at birth. Loves bathing where long hose water inside the elephant absorbs and spraying water all over his body and mostly sprinkle his body with dust to prevent the hot sun after that, daily eats 150 kg of herds, despite it`s over weight can walk fast 45 km per hour.

African elephant features a huge powerful hose contains 40,000 reliable muscles in all his things starts picking up food from the floor, because it is the only creature that cannot bend down to pick up his food for more than one reason, first, it`s foot straight forward no rode him bending, secondly, that huge head focused on little neck, thirdly elephant had two long teeth keep him away of food, here was his hose as the hand that picks up food and drink water or sprinkle his body.

Male and female African elephant had two long teeth is used by digging to pluck and find water, cutting tree branches, male uses his teeth in fights that break out between him and others also, it`s teeth make a more problems to him with hunters, so they killed him to grab a precious teeth for trafficking, it`s illegal trade, today, its threatened the African elephant to extinction.


The African elephant is poor vision considering was a powerful sense of smell has it fumbles the danger, can smell human a 2,5 km, as it`s huge ears also assisted on hearing sensitivity, as help him to make his blood cold, thereby reducing the temperature. African elephant has many friends of birds, allowed to stand on his back to protecting him, to look at direction opposite to him, make him see front and back, as it pick up outstanding bugs on his huge body, his mortal enemy as flies, especially on hot days because it has cover his body with mud.

Despite overhunting in African forests was the main reason for putting it in the red list of endangered species, where studies refer to more than 100,000 was killed before 2010, but elephant doesn`t represent a danger to human, and never tries to attack at all, but turns the forest into hell if attempt unsuccessful hunting, especially if painful injuries, entered the craziest part is his mind and not any attempts to control it or to shot him on his brain.      

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