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"History - Nature - Marine and Wild Life - Heritage "..major maps of "Egyptian Geographic" channel

What can" Egyptian Geographic" offer the egyptian and foreign reader?; the magazine and the channel will rediscover Egypt, offering the reader through the Arabic and English sites a variety of egypt's lost treasures, tell us about its rare black and white deserts and open the files of its caves and its unique mountains, climb the English mountain in the naval oases,climb the mountain of the dead in Siwa,rediscover Kamal meteorite.


The magazine will not ignore the marine and wildlife in Egypt. More than 4,500 species of plants were observed,  111 species of mammals,109 kinds of reptiles,And nine kinds of amphibia,over 1,000 species of fish, 800 species of marine mollusca,over 1,000 species of crustacea,  about 325 species of coral reefs, over 15,000 species of insects and 480 species of birds.

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