Kills 20% of bacteria and 50% of germs

Scientific studies: The disappearance of viruses threatens to destroy humanity in 48 hours

"Did you recognize that the disappearance of viruses from the world earth means an individual will die after but 48 hours?" .. you will be surprised after hearing this information, but it's the reality that several people might not know, for these viruses that always cause terror and terror within the hearts of man, It is, in fact, not a lethal evil for humans, if epidemiologists unanimously agree that viruses play important roles within the world that outweigh their harm bit by bit.


Despite the disasters caused by human disasters for hundreds of years, which caused them to reap ample people in epidemic waves, because the Spanish flu did in 1918, killing about 50 million people, and also the smallpox killed over 200 million people, additionally to the plague that it's said that it destroyed quite a fifth of individuals at the time, and at last the Coronavirus, which has infected thus far nearly 12 million people round the world, but most of the virologists unanimously agreed that getting eliminate viruses means the destruction of humanity.

“The overwhelming majority of viruses don't cause disease in humans, and plenty of of them contribute to supporting ecosystems, but rather maintain the health of living organisms, from fungi and plants to insects and humans.” That fact is reached by Professor Susanna Lopez Chariton, a virologist at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, In her report, she explained that the planet lives in an exceedingly tight environmental balance, which viruses play a very important role within the process of environmental balance, which implies that their disappearance will thus mean the death of humans.


Epidemiologists have often seen that humans don't know anything about the role viruses play in their lives, and the way they contribute to supporting the environmental balance of the world. In one in every of the scientific studies dole out by the University of Pennsylvania, under the leadership of a world virologist, Dr. Marilyn Rosenck , Which proved that despite the issue of eliminating all viruses, it's going to be impossible to measure this planet without viruses, which implies that to the present day we don't know much about viruses, despite the power of scientists to classify thousands of sorts of them, but there are Millions that we may uneducated person about.

The most important question now, what are the advantages that viruses provide so as to destroy the environmental balance? for instance, there are so-called "inspirational cells", which are viruses that eat and eliminate bacteria, where they regulate bacterial societies within the ocean, and maybe also altogether Ecosystems on the earth earth, consistent with studies, viruses kill about 20% of all germs, and about 50% of bacteria within the oceans daily, which suggests that this ensures that the oxygen-producing plankton have enough nutrients to provide large amounts of oxygen through photosynthesis. this suggests that the disappearance of those viruses will cause the bacteria to multiply up to The threat to human life itself is proscribed, additionally to the actual fact that germs, in cooperation with viruses, produce nearly 1/2 the oxygen on the earth.


Even insect pests, viruses had a task in curbing the rise that may result in a risk to the world. Virologists have discovered that they contribute to determining the numbers of species. That preserves the ecosystems, even as it occurs to humans from pandemics that kill some people, there are other pandemics that destroy huge numbers of human pests.

The most important thing that viruses can do is to assist the organisms that live and grow. for instance, it helps cows and other ruminants to convert cellulose from grass to sugar, which eventually turns into its body through metabolism into milk or body mass. Viruses also It also contributes to maintaining the composition of intestinal bacteria in human bodies and animals, and quite that viruses collaborate with fungi by helping plants to grow in hot environments, similarly as protecting the seeds of Mexican chili pepper from aphids, and others.


But how do viruses protect people ?, an individual might not realize that some viruses which will be infected may save him from the scourge of more deadly viruses in humans, for instance the hepatitis C virus, referred to as GBV-C, which is one amongst the viruses that doesn't cause diseases, but it it's of great benefit to humans, as scientists have discovered that it's delaying the event of AIDS symptoms in people living with HIV, and it reduces the possibilities of death from Ebola in those with it.

In the twenties of the last century, variety of Soviet scientific centers conducted some experiments on the likelihood of harnessing devoured viruses to treat some bacterial infections, to assist some treatments, like antibiotics, to eliminate harmful bacteria without approaching them, which led to saving the lives of some patients after the antibiotics failed. Vital in their treatment, which is what actually happened when cancer-soluble viruses were used, which only infect and damage cancer cells.

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