Ten centuries of lost

The kingdom of Aksum... African civilization that has fallen from history

"The kingdom of Aksum" One of the four greatest powers in the world. it Strong growing in eastern Africa, Although founded in the first century c.e., they only flourished during the fourth and seventh centuries c.e., Before it finally fell in the tenth century.According to one legend, its founder is a descendant of king Solomon.


The kingdom of Aksum, that ancient African kingdom, Highest mountains arose the famous Eastern Zhejiang Province of Tigray region, Ethiopia , In the same area that was once known as Ethiopia.

During the fourth century c.e., Aksum ruled as a king called "Ezana" , During his reign axum achieved its commercial and military power.


It is known that this kingdom was one of the richest civilizations of the brown continent of that time,Its wealth and strength are due to the port of adul on the red sea.

The kingdom of axum became the most important civilization in the world,Especially with Egyptian, Greek, Rome, Persia, India, and Ceylon , and Its main commercial products were based on spices and gum Arabic, which entered into the manufacture of confectionery, medicines and glue.


The rule of the kingdom of axum extended as far as the southern Arabian peninsula,In the late sixth century, the persians invaded the Arabian peninsula They put obstacles in the way of Aksum's trade with the kingdoms on the red sea and the eastern part of the Mediterranean , What marked the beginning of the kingdom's collapse, When muslims conquered Persia in the seventh century, they stopped settler migration from southern Arabia to axum.

The spread of Islam in the Arabian peninsula and northern Africa has led to the siege of the Christian kingdom of Aksum.


Their war with muslims and their surrounding peoples throughout the seventh and tenth centuries, Axum has lost strength and land, but its culture remains and later flourishes in Ethiopia, Today, ten centuries after its collapse, no one remembers it , While forgotten by the world, this poor, isolated town in the northern highlands of Ethiopia,There are traces back to the first century from the era to the 10th century as evidence based royal dynasty in Axum.

The Obelisk of Axum in Aksum, by king Stella izana, is one of the most prominent and magnificent architectural monuments in ancient Africa,It is a stone pole 100 feet high, weighing 500 tons , And it's the largest single stone obelisk in the world, carved in such a way that it looks like a 13-story building.

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