The population of one million people

Maasai people ..The ancient tribes of East Africa challenges time

Although you may be afraid of their appearance, they are friendly people who love people, life,  and bright colors especially red and blue,in addition to their constant dancing on the rhythm of African drums, this is the type of life which they prefer.


On her recent trip to East Africa, she accompanied the developmental aids project "Africa Amini Alama". In the spring of 2015, the American photographer "Jutta Riegel" was able to  photograph and record the daily lives and traditions of the masai people, especially in areas far away from any cultural gathering.

The Masai..the nation that lives in Kenya and Tanzania,Specifically on the border of Lake Turkana, near the Red Sea. It has a population of one million , they live in vast fields , they shepherd cattle and they still live in almost the same way as their ancestors did centuries ago.


They guard everything belongs to them.They have the ability to survive in the harsh environment and rugged nature of the Great Groove,they always travel great distances searching for green pastures and water sources for their herds, they care of giraffes and other wild animals.

For centuries, the masai people have been associated with emotional ties with the gnus, so it is thought that those animals are their own. According to the myth , at first god had three sons, each one was given a gift, the first got an arrow for hunting, a shovel for farming for the second son , and a stick for herding cows for the third son .This last son is said to be the father of the masai nation.


The masai are tribes that did not submit to the British colonialization during the period (1904-1913), so they fought many battles, the most famous one was the unequal battle of "lake nevash", They confronted the British army with their spears and arrows and more than 3000 people of them were killed while only one British soldier was killed, many young people died and who survived are valued by the tribe for their life experience and wisdom.

As for the leader of the tribe , he always wears a felt hat  , or wears a mask of black ostrich feathers, as a proof of his bravery and power,While women wear necklaces made of beads around their necks. They always shave their heads, perforate their ears and always barefooted . They adorn their dark bodies with main colors .Each individual gets different colours, according to his age and social rank, which estimated by the number of cows he owns.

For centuries, the Masai people have faced many changes especially that of the impact of human development on the fertile savannah fields , but they didn't let that affect their pastoral activity.They separate boys before attaining adulthood and the girl marries the first mature man who pays her dowry without asking her consent . women raise children, fetch water and firewood, build houses,design jewellery and clothes, they play a significant social role in their tribes' life, they butcher cattle for food.Moreover she has control over her husband,who despite his strength as a warrior, can enter the house only when she let him, so the conjugal home was the wife's private property.

The Masai people live in camps built of tents made of leather, mud and straw,ranging between 10 and 20 tents.these tents are only for married couples,and usually surrounded by thick fencing of the prickly trees to protect families, herds of cattle ,prevent predators from attacking them, and to prevent other tribes from spying .It is completely dark, except from an opening in the ceiling that allows light and ventilation and it consists of two rooms.

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