The smithery shop is her second home

"The iron woman" egyptian resists the customs and traditions of Alexandria

Sixteen years ago, she decided to break all the restrictions of customs and traditions, by doing so she broke the innate principles with which she were born like all the other girls in her society.

Her name is Maha Sabry and she is not over forty yet. She lives in a small family with her husband"Mostafa" and her three children in Al Montazah region in Alexandria. Sixteen years ago, she decided to work to help her family,but all she could do was to work with her husband and help him with this laborious work in his small smithery shop.

Within these difficult circumstances, she was dreaming of a decent life for her family,so she began to work with her husband who taught her the bases of the profession. She used to wake up at 6 a.m to finish her housework, then go to the shop at 9 a.m to start her work there and as a strong egyptian woman she wasn't afraid of the sharp instruments or the heat of its fire, all she cared about was how to help her family.