Two girls from Egypt: the heart-wrenches forced them to migrate to the south

two Young girls and exquisite.. She didn't complete after the twenty-second year, she graduated from Cairo University, after majoring within the most accurate sciences of Medicine, Some people might imagine that like several girl like them, they'll look for employment near Cairo al-Mu’izz, but as they always do, he thought of the incorrect type. They sacrificed the capitals of the capital, and decided to journey to the depths of the south.


Mona Alouba and Alaa Afifi.. Two daughters from Egypt, but they're not like all the daughters of their generation, Years ago, they obtained highschool diplomas, and in a very large group, they entered the grad school, prompting them to go looking for the reality about diseases to focus on the sciences of cells and genetics, They graduated, and after receiving the very best ratings, they decided to enroll during a more complex school, with one in all the foremost important heart surgeons in history, Sir Magdi Yacoub.

Inside her lab full of the newest scientific equipment, the young researcher, Mona Allouba, a geneticist within the Cell laboratory and a PhD candidate, stood ahead of her tiny microscope, examining the second generation of genetic sequences and analyzing biomarkers, pleased with that moment chosen by the sorcerer of hearts, Sir Magdi Yaqoub To become the youngest future science researcher within the saint's apse.

"Your research can serve modern treatments for cardiopathy in Egypt".. She wasn't satisfied with the happiness when Saint Jacob was thrown, as they wish to call him, because he's cognizant of the scale of the research you're doing within the service of his surgeries, and he understands the importance of collecting genetic information for every patient , Although not all heart diseases are hereditary, whether or not administrative district occupies its place within the world because the largest area plagued by cardiopathy because of fever Rheumatism, indicating that the specialization of genomic sciences can examine the DNA of every patient, and make what's called a portfolio of the genetic characteristics of the family, to grasp the event of the disease and therefore the genetic transmission, especially since Egypt normally is where the phenomenon of consanguineous marriage is widespread.


On her right, her friend and colleagues within the same room, Alaa Afifi, a specialist in genetics, data analysis, biomarkers, and data validation, indulged in examining a sample, from time to time taking notes, without raising her face, she said during a voice stuffed with passion for the planet and what's on that, "my research it's a relationship to the genes of the Egyptian people with cardiovascular disease .. you need to first know that the genes of the Egyptian people are different from any genes of others".

What that tiny girl dreams most is to meet her life's dream, to determine herself racing against the clock to compete with global research, and to determine that Egyptian researchers reach the identical scientific capacity as Western researchers, and sometimes surpass them, and he or she explained that what she is doing is seeking to get The DNA cell must be from patients and reach it to become an integrated heart cell for study and reading of its data and pathology sequence, and it carries out these research inside and outdoors Egypt in cooperation with the "Imperial College" in London, collectively of the foremost important universities that has specialized teams for researching heart patients.

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